Windtulip combines aesthetics with green energy

Wind energy is gaining ground with more people realizing the potential of this renewable natural resource. Its power can be immense and the only requirement needed to harness it is the right technology. Most concepts that have been floated deal with capturing wind energy on a large scale to provide electricity for homes, offices and industries. However, most wind turbines are huge and need to be deployed in wide open spaces that many feel is an eye sore. Moreover, the energy harnessed needs to be transferred to the grid and then to consumers, which requires the use of many power cables.


Mebrure Oral, a Turkish industrial designer, has sought to address these problems by coming up with a novel concept that not only uses green energy, but also looks good. His creation, titled the Windtulip, uses a vertical axis turbine to trap wind which is then converted into electricity. The aesthetically appealing streetlight harnesses the wind’s power, which is transmitted to a transformer and batteries. The stored energy is then used at night to illuminate streets.

Oral’s Windtulip uses LED lighting which further conserves energy. The fact that his creation isn’t dependent on outside power sources or sockets also makes it more self sustaining. While still in the conceptual stage, if the design ever comes to fruition, there is no doubt that it will greatly further the green cause.

The LED lights are installed on the body of the streetlight which is then covered with a semi transparent plastic. Zinc alloy coats the steel stand, while the rotating blades are made out of lightweight aluminum. Even if the Windtulip isn’t able to satisfy all of our energy needs, it will at least significantly reduce the amount of power consumption from the main grid which in turn can be used to power more homes.

Via: Tuvie

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