What’s Next: Using solar power to purify water

As we know it

Do you think conventional water purifiers are eco friendly? In fact, they are not. Though not consuming energy, we cannot describe all water purification systems eco friendly products. Of course, using carbon filter, a coconut derivative, is an environmentally friendly option for water purification process. But the thing is that you will have to dump the carbon filters into the garbage once they are expired. In case of electric water purifier systems, they consume energy too. In both the cases, water purifiers that we use in our houses today affect the environment and surroundings directly or indirectly.

Solar purifier

Need for change

A sustainable change is necessary in water purifiers. There should be some water purification systems that work on alternative power and add no garbage into the landfill. Indeed, a creative change is possible in water purification industry. Here are some technologies developed by various designers to purify water using solar power.

What’s next?

1. Solaqua


What’s new?

Solaqua is an alternative water purifier technology that makes use of ultraviolet and infrared rays from the sun to clean the water. The filtering process using Solaqua can eliminate pathogens in water to turn it potable. The system comes with a five tap funnel that collects five bottles of water, which is then exposed to the sunlight for purification.

What difference will it make?

It is a simple water purification system. You will get ten liters of clean water just undergoing the process once. All you have to is fill the tool with water for purification and place it under sunlight.

2. Solar Water Purifier

Solar Water Purifier

What’s new?

Solar Water Purifier is a concept water purifier technology from the industrial designer Cole Dobson. The tech makes use of solar heat to purify the water. The system comes with two trays in which the first one evaporates water in sun heat. The condensed water moves to the second tray, where it is purified with the ultraviolet rays from the sun.

What difference will it make?

Solar Water Purifier is with no electrical parts. So once the concept is realized, it will be in the reach of all people – both urban and rural. It is so simple to get some water purified with the tool.

3. Health Light solar water purifier

Health Light solar water purifier

What’s new?

Health Light is not a water purifier for drinking water. Instead, it is a solar powered device to detoxify toxic streams and floodwaters. Health Light has been designed with a goal to prevent dangerous water bound epidemics. One just has to set the tool in a stream to clean its water from infection that causes diseases. The Health Light water purifier has two parts; one part has an LED indicator and solar panels for power generation. The other part is a handle to let it carry easily from one place to the other.

What difference will it make?

Health Light is meant to thwart contagious diseases in critical conditions like floods. As it works on solar power, there is no need to recharge the tool.

4. H2O Water Cycle

H2O Water Cycle

What’s new?

H2O Water Cycle is yet another solar powered water purifier system concept. Industrial designer Diego Andres Martinez has developed this concept, which purifies water in two processes in a single package. In the first phase, water is cleaned with UV-A rays and in the second phase, it is passed through a steaming process.

What difference will it make?

It is an easy-to-use single package solar machine to get pure water for drinking.

5. Solar Bottle

Solar Bottle

What’s new?

Solar Bottle is an advanced solar powered water purifier system from a team of Italian designers. The mechanism makes use of the SODIS (Solar Water Disinfection) process to filter water via UV-A radiation. In the process, pathogenic microorganisms in the water are removed spotlessly. The thin bottle can thus disinfect 4 liters of water at a time and it comes with a handle for easy carrying. The tool has been designed with an aim to help people drink pure water to escape from dangerous epidemic diseases.

What difference will it make?

Solar Bottle is a highly portable water purifying system. Unlike all the systems mentioned in the article, this Italian tool can be carried around with no effort at all.

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