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Window screen made of recycled and eco friendly materials

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Window screens are netted covers for your windows to keep away bugs, flies, insects or reptiles from your interiors. They may be detachable or permanently attached to the windows. Installing window screens is a healthy and hygienic way to repel insects as there is no necessity to spray harmful pest repellent sprays or smokes. The main constituent of a window screen is its netted or meshed portion. The frame can be commonly made of wood or toughened fiber. In the following article, you will get to know about different window screens made of recycled Eco-friendly materials.

1. Window screen made out of an old picture frame

Window screen made of a picture frame

Old picture frames can be handy to make window screens. The frame just needs to match the size of the window you want to cover. You can reinforce the frame with adhesive to impart to its strength. You can easily buy a new frame for about $5. This is appropriate for smaller windows for kitchens and washrooms. The wooden frame is suggested to be coated with wood primer and paint before installation of the screen.

Pros. A wooden frame can be easily carpentered to fit into your window unlike metallic ones.

Cons. Wood is biodegradable and rot easily, if not painted properly.

2. Using bamboo sticks to make window screen

Window screen made of bamboo sticks

This is another excellent concept of window screens which is made of thin and straight bamboo sticks tied up with ropes. Such a screen resembles a horizontal blind curtain on your window. Bamboo sticks are straightened, polished and tied up in such a way that you can even roll up the curtain as much you want. It costs around $60-70 to cover up a medium sized window with this material. The flexibility and outstanding look of such a screen makes it worth the cost.

Pros. This is flexible and light weight in nature and thus easy to engage or release.

Cons. Bamboo wigs rot easily, when exposed to moisture and rain.

3. Meshed wire window screens

Meshed wire window screens

Meshed wires are used to cover up water tanks and reservoirs. It is made of interwoven metal wires which make it look like a net. Old unused mesh wires can be used to make window screens. The sheet of meshed wire can be easily cut by a metal cutting scissor and fastened to a wooden or metallic frame to make your window screen. However, you will have to paint the net in order to make it resistant. Such a screen costs about $10-15 per window.

Pros. Metal wires make the screen structure strong and resistant to storms and hurricanes.

Cons. Such screens are heavy and thus they become difficult for one to operate them.

4. Window screen made from old unused mosquito nets

Mosquito netted window screen

This is another excellent idea of using a recycled product to make window screens. Old mosquito nets will easily solve the purpose. Choose an unharmed and undamaged area of an old mosquito net and stretch it up on a wooden frame. The main advantage of this type of screen is that you can be guaranteed against the infiltration of small flies and mosquitoes. This is because the netted profile is very narrow which keep away even tiny bugs.

Pros. Keeps away even the smallest bugs.

Cons. Such a screen is non-resistant to flames and rodent cuts. It will get damaged on the merest contact with a small flame.

5. Mesh fabric window screen

Mesh fabric window screen

Meshed fabric is used to cover up edible items to keeps away flies, at shops and restaurants. It resembles mosquito net in profile but is stronger in consistency. Unused mesh fabric sheet can be easily recycled and used to make window screens. The net profile is bigger than that of a mosquito net but the number of interwoven fibers per hole is more. This is what makes it stronger and more durable than normal meshed cloth.

Pros. Physically strong and easily available at grocery stores.

Cons. Non-resistant to flames as it is made of thin fabric strands which catch fire easily.

6. Window screen made from recycled fiber glass mesh

window screen made of fiber glass mesh

Fiber glass is an excellent insulating material. It is used in greenhouses to keep away pests and lizards. Despite being made of fiber glass, these meshed structures are very strong and stands upright up to long heights without getting bent. This can also be used to make the net of your window screen.

Pros. Resistant to rodent cuts as fiber glass is very tough and rigid.

Cons. Non-resistant to flame.


Though different models of window screens are available in the market, you can still make them at home recycling the above articles which are easily available in your household.

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