What’s next: Bladeless wind turbines

Wind turbine

As we know it

You must be aware of the fact that wind turbines are very helpful in making efficient use of renewable source of energy. The wind turbines are such device, which convert various forms of energy into electrical energy. The kinetic energy first is transformed into mechanical energy, and is ultimately used to generate electrical power. In current times, wind turbines are mainly available in two versions. One is vertical wind turbines and second is horizontal wind turbine types. However, many portable forms of wind turbines are also developed to fulfill all day-to-day domestic needs like battery charging and many more. Research is still on to advance the wind turbine technology through various efficient ways. Wind turbines without blades are also invented in order to minimize many air accidents with birds and bats. One more concern is also taken into consideration regarding noise pollution created by wind turbines in land areas. In this way, many advanced form of wind turbines are demanded apart from conventional types of wind turbines.

Need for change

There is always a possibility of demerits associated with everything that exists in the world. The technology using wind energy also contains some major disadvantages along with it. Wind turbines should be always situated in areas with consistent wind supply. At the same time, wind turbines are also responsible for causing wildlife threat, noise pollution, disturbance with television and radio signals, and many more. However, the negative impacts associated with wind turbines are reduced through several modifications in their conventional designs. As a result, wind turbines with no blades are introduced due to which several complications like noise pollution, wildlife threat especially birds and bats, and radar interference are pacified. The bladeless wind turbines are also efficient to deliver a very low maintenance cost to the man. Therefore, some major bladeless wind turbines are invented.

What’s next?

1. Bladeless wind turbines inspired by Tesla

Bladeless wind turbine inspired by Tesla

What’s new

The new thing introduced in these wind turbines is the use of the design presented by Tesla. The conventional turbine blades are replaced by the parallel and thin metal discs with spacers. The entire device is enclosed in the form of compact portable set up. The device is able to convert the energy of fluid or airflow into potential work. As the wind flows through the areas between the disks, air passage ultimately adapts the inward flow direction and leads to disc rotation. As a result, the disc rotation also causes the shaft movement. The number of discs is directly proportional to the amount of power generation.

What difference will it make

The main highlights of bladeless Tesla wind turbines are the less noisy application, comparatively safer in use in respect of wildlife injuries, no radar interference situation, and many more. It is also useful in domestic as well as commercial aspects in terms of reliability and cost cutting factors.


The development, however, is still on with bladeless wind turbines. As a result, currently no definite manufacturing process has started yet.

2. Windspire


What’s new

Windspire is another wind turbine that is very incredibly designed with no presence of blades. The unique sleek design makes it visually very attractive and safer for birds too. The device has efficiency to produce about 2000 Kilowatts hours power per year. The whole design is prepared with 30 feet length by 2 feet wideness. The Windspire wind turbine is very much efficient to reduce the chances of noise pollution.

What difference will it make

The Windspire wind turbine machine produces about 25 decibels of noise, which is almost equivalent to average noise produced in any living society. A wireless monitoring facility is also provided with such type of wind turbines. As a result, you can easily monitor or attain the complete information regarding power generation.


The only problem with Windspire device is the high purchasing cost.

3. Mekaro Akita’s windmill

Mekaro Akita’s windmill

What’s new

The Mekero Akita’s windmill is a special windmill designed with no blades. The uncommon design helps to deliver harmless generation of electric power.

What difference will it make

The entire device works by using cylinders instead of wind blades. Around five cylinders are attached with 10-meter diameter measurement. Each of these cylinders rotates in order to produce electricity.


The initial electric unit is used to start the function of cylinders. The entire eco-friendly set-up is useful in two ways – for protecting birds from injuries and for using wind energy proficiently.

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