Wimbledon up cycling Event Encourages Residents to Be More Eco-Friendly

Upcycling Wimbledon is organised by the Transition Town Wimbledon (TTW) on the 20th of April, 2013 at the hall of St Mark’s Church. This event also includes an Upcycling fair along with the Festival of Green ideas. The Upcycling event is an initiative to encourage the residents’ to become greener and environment loving, more eco-friendly. Organised by people how love nature and respect them, the ideas and the intention of this event is noble and pure. The great part about this event is that it is free of cost, it does not have an entry charge, while at the same time, and it is open for all, adults and children which makes quite a family affair.


What is Upcycling?

Upcycling is the procedure of altering ingredients in their original form to a new invention to utilise worn-out resources and generate less leftovers. For this initiative of Upcycling the organisers and head of the group are planning to work with more other volunteers and nature lovers interested in the cause. Since the initiative is so noble, the organisers and the head of the event feel that this is great way to salute those people who are never credited for their efforts save Mother Nature and this is a good time to award those unacknowledged stars. Their role cannot be undermined as far as saving the ecosystem is concerned, thus this event offers the best platform for this cause. The event is said to fun and people are really enjoying things as this what they are passionate about. Going green is the agenda and promoting no waste policy is the main agenda.

Inclusions of the Event

The Upcycling event is going to have a host of activities that include workshops on recipe ideas to use leftover food and kitchen wastes, activities that teach mending and sewing, advise on tips for growing food, clothes making from unwelcome fabrics and clothes, making cushion, quilts and other sorts of clothes form waste clothing, advise on how to look for free of cost utility items and also where to sell off and give away good to needy people in need of the same goods. They are also going to give advice on composting methods and ingredients. Your kids too will be thoroughly entertained as there are workshops for children where they are to be taught on how to make craft items form plant waste and material scraps.


Festival of Greens Included

This festival of greens is another event within the same event where sustainability prospects are to be offered.  This event is going to include craft workshops, recycling workshops, energy saving and tips workshops and expert speakers, craft groups with experience, and vegetable growing workshops. This also is open to all and is free of cost.

Thus, the event is for nature lovers. It is a great way to make your children and yourself get to know about the latest in the sustainability issues and practices used and being innovated continuously. It will be a fun day, an event with a great scope for entertainment for all. There will be enough to eat, learn, make merry with and enjoy with. Meet the experts and meet the people passionate about the cause, make likeminded friends and make a difference to all, you, your neighbours as well as Mother Nature while saving the planet! Spend the day at event to know how a small group of locals are putting their green ideas in place for greener ideas. Do take your children with you and open their young nurturing minds to a greener and better world.

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