Why you should invest in a green home

Green houses have become a need of the day due to the continuous deterioration of the natural environment and its harmful effects on human health. A green home has innumerable advantages from enhanced indoor air quality to cost effectiveness. A green house starts saving your valuable money right from the beginning of construction.


In developing countries like India, the Green Concept is widely accepted as people are realizing the woeful condition of the environment and thus the Green home demand is increasing and the green market is expanding greatly. Following are the advantages of a green home investment:

save money

1.   Lower maintenance and high resale value:
Green home construction requires the use of high quality material, which is long lasting. The quality construction of the green house incorporates better methods to increase the performance of your home and reduce its maintenance costs. Thus, the value of your house gets increased due to the high level construction.

2.   Improved and Better Life Quality:
The green house uses materials that reduce indoor air pollution thus providing us a good quality indoor air, which is healthier and safer for all the members of the house.


3.   Good Investment and Better Mortgage:

Since green homes are designed as energy efficient, they help in reducing the utility bills to up to almost 65 percent. Along with this, green home represent sustainable living, diverse economy and helps to reduce our impact on nature.

4.   Eco Brokers:

Eco Brokers are those that exclusively with eco friendly or green homes. Various organizations like the AEEREP are trying to create green home awareness among people by spreading the knowledge of their benefits and their impact on the environment. Green homes not only reduce your carbon footprint on the atmosphere but are also energy saving and cost efficient.

5.   Green Homes Save Natural Resources:
In a country like India where most of the regions are hot and humid, electrical appliances that require large amount of energy are used on a very wide scale.  Most of this energy is obtained by burning natural resources like natural gas and fossil fuels. Green house Investment can reduce this energy consumption up to 40 percent.

6.   Safety:
Since the green houses are constructed by using eco-friendly and non-toxic materials totally, it is completely safe for you, your pets and your surroundings.


With numerous positive benefits, green homes can provide a better life for ourselves and make our environment better as well.

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