Why is It So Important to Consider Transferring Your Website To A Green Hosting Company?

Green Hosting

When it comes to choosing a web hosting provider, most companies go with either the cheaper option or the more expensive and reliable option. The concept of going with a green hosting company never even enters their minds. Aside from being environmentally friendly, there are many great reasons why you should consider going with a green hosting company.

Here are a few that will open your mind to making the switch.

You’ll Be a More Eco-Friendly Company

car sharingGoing with a green hosting company will serve as a stepping stone to becoming an eco-friendly company. By taking this simple action, you’ll find many more ways to be a greener company. For example, some offices are setting up programs for their employees to carpool to reduce their carbon footprint. This has the double benefit of helping employees that normally drive to work save money on gas while providing solutions for employees that have transportation challenges.

This mentality can create a great company culture that can change the whole organization. Some companies are going paperless and switching to digital documents. They’re even using electronic documents and e-signatures to ink contracts. Many of these companies often wonder why they didn’t make the change earlier. Paperless offices mean very little expenses going to printer ink and paper. It also means an easier time organizing and finding documents.

You’d be surprised at the impact that green hosting companies can make. In a span of a year, data centers consume enough electricity to power every household in New York City for two years. Most of the data centers only operate at minimal capacity and are very inefficient. If you really care about the environment, this fact should motivate you to transfer a website to a green host to at least give their services a try.

It’s More Affordable Than You Think

Companies that operate with a small budget are resistant to switching to green hosting because it typically comes with a higher price tag. While this can sometimes be true, the prices are becoming more competitive. You’d be surprised by how comparable green hosting rates are to traditional hosting companies. In some cases, you’ll even find that the rates for green hosting companies either match or are cheaper than traditional hosting companies.

As technology for renewable energy improves, the cost of green hosting will only get cheaper. While traditional hosting companies continue to rely on the grid, green companies will be able to generate their own energy. As a result, they’ll be able to pass the savings to you. And because of reduced expenses, they’ll be able to invest more into their platform development, customer support and tech support which means you get a better product and better service.

There May Be Possible Green Tax Credits


If price is a big factor in choosing a web host, then you’ll be glad to hear that choosing a green hosting company may save you money. The federal government is offering more green tax-saving programs every year. These programs allow businesses to deduct expenses or get additional tax credits for choosing environmentally friendly solutions. While it won’t help businesses that have simple hosting plans, it will save a lot of money for businesses that spend a lot on hosting each year.

While you’re researching to see if you can get tax benefits from switching to green hosting, you should see what other green incentive programs are being offered to businesses. Keep in mind that every country and region is different. Just because tax credits and incentives are offered in one area doesn’t mean that it’ll be offered in yours. Put in the time to figure out what programs are being offered where your business operates.

It’s a Great Way to Market Your Business

Many consumers these days are sick of greedy corporate companies doing everything they can to make a profit. They’re looking to do business with companies that care about environmental issues. By choosing eco-friendly solutions for your business, you can have position yourself as a green company and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. Going green is a trending movement that is getting stronger with each passing year.

If you can meet the qualifications, you may want to try to get a Green Power Partner badge from the EPA. This will provide proof that your company really does care. There are also many organizations that vet green companies. These organizations can help give your business additional exposure in the press and green community. In fact, many of these organizations offer green companies a wide variety of resources to help them succeed and grow.

You’ll Be Able to Spread an Important Message

 Green Business

The idea of being more environmentally friendly isn’t a new one. But many consumers and businesses aren’t aware that they have a choice. By making environmentally conscious choices and talking about how your company is making an effort to be greener, you can influence others to do the same. This is especially important today when many environmental causes are taking a back seat to corporate greed and capitalism.

Many businesses also tend to take the lazy path when there are many easy ways to be greener. By talking about how your organization or business is making conscious choices, you’ll be able to educate others in your industry and marketplace about reducing their carbon footprint. The bottom line is that environmental causes need more leaders and spokespeople, and your company can be one of the few that lead the way.

Hopefully, these reasons will motivate you to transfer a website to a green hosting company. The idea here is to at least give these hosting companies a try. Try to find the providers that deliver high uptime rates, great support and a strong product. If you’re satisfied with their service, that should be all the reason you need to make the switch.

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