Why Ecofriendly Motorhome Parking is the way to go?


As the preference for ecofriendly travel continues to grow among motorhome enthusiasts, more and more camping sites and motorhomes manufacturers are taking steps to help them meet their sustainability goals. Motorhome parks already offer such facilities as solar-powered electric outlets and water heaters, composting, and biodegradable cleaning products. And manufacturers have started selling zero emissions electric motorhomes and caravans, which will further reduce the carbon footprint of  motor home travel.

Motorhomes are a good way to get on the road, and to travel to remote locations like natural parks and seashore reserves that may not have too many other facilities for accommodation. Whether you buy or rent motorhome, it’s your passport to adventures in the natural world. And thanks to ecofriendly motorhome parks, you can leave the environment in the same condition that you found it.

What Makes a Parking Site Ecofriendly?

Motorhome-ParkingWhile many new motorhomes parks are being designed to be ecofriendly and sustainable from the beginning, many older and smaller parks are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Many parks now have a special section for travelers who choose ecofriendly travel, with solar powered electricity and heating. Other features of ecofriendly motorhome parks are energy-efficient appliances, low energy lighting, and biodegradable cleaning products that won’t harm the environment.

In Australia, caravan parks can get certifications like the ECO logo which shows that it is a sustainable facility, the Nature Tourism logo which shows that the park has a minimal impact on the surrounding natural  environment and the  Respecting Our Culture logo which indicates respect for the heritage and culture of Indigenous communities. In the Netherlands, the Green Key certifies that campsites follows sustainable practices.

How to Find Ecofriendly Motorhome Parkings

Motorhome-ParkingThere are several websites that you can use to find ecofriendly motorhome parks in countries around the world. Two of these are:


You can also do a Google search for ecofriendly motorhome parks or ecofriendly caravan parks. It’s a good idea to check the claims of each site since there is no overall certification for sustainable motorhome parking sites.

Some Spectacular Ecofriendly Motorhome Parks

Motorhome-ParkingOne of the best things about traveling in motorhomes is that it gives you access to the remote and beautiful places of the world, from the beaches of Connemara to the woods and wildflower fields of northeast Ohio. This is just a sample of some of the most spectacular ecofriendly motorhomes around the world.

1.      US

Clay’s Park Resort in northeastern Ohio has a solar array, uses saline instead of chlorine to sanitize the swimming pool and replaced propane gas heating with wood stoves. Guests can enjoy the wildflowers, swim in the solar-heated pool and even enjoy a relaxed dinner at the onsite restaurant.

2.      UK

Woodvis Park gives travelers access to the West Country and the Tamar Valley in Devon, which has been designated a World Heritage Site. Green practices at the site include energy and water conservation, recycling, and creating habitats for local wildlife.

3.      Netherlands

Camping is almost a Dutch national pastime and many sites have a Green Key certification which indicates that they follow sustainable practices. The Hoge Veluwe National Park, Otterlo, Arnhem is located inside the largest national park in the Netherlands. Visitors can explore by bike or on foot, and use the site as a base for sightseeing in the region.

4.      Australia

Fowlers Bay Caravan Park is located in the remote western edge of the Eyre Peninsula, and offers access to miles of beaches, with opportunities for watching sea life, fishing, and water sports. It has a hybrid solar electric system and uses collected rainwater.

5.      Ireland

Clifden Eco Beach Camping and Caravanning Park is located on the sand dunes at Connemara’s Wild Atlantic Way and actively promotes ecotourism and climate neutral camping. The site won the 2014 gold standard eco-tourism award from EcoTourism Ireland.

Coming Soon! Charging Stations for Electric Motorhomes and Caravans

Motorhome-ParkingMotorhomes manufacturers are also getting on board with the trend for sustainable travel and the first hybrid electric motorhomes are already available. These have the advantages of low to zero emissions and when sustainable energy sources are used, a smaller carbon footprint than vehicles that run on gas. As with all electric vehicles, one limitation is the range of the vehicles, which must be recharged after a hundred miles or so. However the infrastructure to support electric vehicles is rapidly coming into existence, and they can be charged via ordinary domestic outlets as well.

Motorhome travelers tend to be nature lovers and have sought to make their travels more sustainable and ecofriendly. Motorhome parks around the world are helping to do that in a number of ways.

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