Practical Eco-Friendly Travel Tips To Consider

Enjoy Local Products

There is a constantly growing number of people that are interested in being eco-friendlier but it is not something that is difficult to do, especially when traveling. It is really important that you take real action so if this is a priority for you, here are some really simple and practical eco-friendly travel tips that can easily be considered by every traveler in the world.

1.      Do Not Use Plastic Bags

Do Not Use Plastic Bags

A plastic bag can take even 500 years to fully biodegrade. Because of this, you want to use a shopping bag that is re-useable. If you go to the local markets to do some grocery shopping during your trip, this is a great way to reduce plastic waste.

2.      Pack Light

When you fly, every single pound counts. If a plane is heavier, there are more produced carbon emissions. Most travelers think about airline luggage restrictions but you want to take it a little further and just pack what you actually need in order to protect the environment.

3.      Use Public Transportation

Use Public TransportationUsing public transportation is a wonderful way to have an eco-friendlier vacation since you do not create some extra carbon emissions due to private transportation, like when you rent a car. Also, according to Noll Law, the personal injury lawyer in Springfield, you do not want to deal with an accident while traveling anyway so why not use public transportation?

4.      Avoid Flying Whenever Possible

Obviously, there are situations in which you cannot avoid flying to reach your desired destination. However, this does not mean that there are no eco-friendly decisions you can make. When you prepare for a trip to another country, consider available routes. If you manage to cut one hour of flight time, carbon footprint is lower by 1 ton. You also get to see a lot more of the destination you visit, which is always a big plus.

5.      Enjoy Local Products

Enjoy Local ProductsThere are different local products that will be available when you travel to another country. For instance, if you love beer, there are surely different locally brewed beers that will be available. This gives you the possibility of enjoying something new and you cut down on the carbon emissions needed to transport beer to another location. The exact same thing goes for the local produce and practically everything that is locally grown.

6.      Avoid the Use of Bottled Water

So much plastic waste appears due to the use of plastic bottles. This is why there are many hotels that are now installing water filters. As a traveler, you cannot really choose just the hotels that have something like this but you can always re-use bottles whenever a safe water supply is found.

7.      Act As Home in the Hotel

Act As Home in the HotelWhen you are in the hotel room, act just as if you were at home. Do not get new clean towels if they are not actually needed and do not take a long shower just because you do not have to pay the water bill. Also, always turn off the TV set, air conditioner and lights as you leave the room, exactly as you do home.

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