Why an Eco-friendly Handbag

A handbag is essential for both practicality and style. Here is why you should carry and eco-friendly handbag.


It is good for the environment

Any fashionista looking for something practical yet environmentally conscious to carry their items in should look no further, because these eco-friendly handbags are offering some handy sustainable options. The eco-friendly handbags are all made from sustainable materials that are either recycled, sustainably produced and grown . They have very less impact on the environment and you can breathe easy the next time you take your stylish handbag out in the name of fashion. These stylish bags have very less carbon footprint and the eco-aware fashionista can breathe easy.


It is fashionable

The fashionista does not even have to compromise on style and fashion if they want to go green on their handbags.When it comes new and modern handbags, haute couture purses are often some of the most sought-after designs around. These eco-friendly options however, are more for individuals who are interested in adding environmentally friendly accessories to their wardrobe. A great way to add style and function to your accessories without jeopardizing the environment, these eco-friendly handbags will definitely have you feeling more aware of the materials and items you are using.


It is chic and eclectic

There is so much creativity involved in making stylish handbags that are eco-friendly. Not to forget the myriad of options you have as well. There is one for every use. From recycled messenger rucksacks to coffee bean purses and clever cork cases, these eco-friendly handbags are showcasing that living a more sustainable lifestyle doesn’t have to be all that difficult.


Repurposed Bottle Top Totes

Feel good about your fashion choices with these HadeHaver plastic lid bags made with reused plastic bottle caps. The bright colors used, including red, green, pink and white, are a fun way to add vibrancy and pizazz to any ensemble.


Upcycled Vintage Bags

The Peg and Awl line of products were created by the husband-wife duo of Margaux and Walter Kent who have transformed their love for antiquing and vintage products into an eco-conscious line of bags and home accessories.

Their online shop features totes, journals, jewelry and office supplies that have vintage character while also helping to reduce waste and reuse viable products that would otherwise be thrown away.


Burlap Bags

Super Earth Goods purses couldn’t be more perfect since these bags are not only hip and happening, but they are also totally user-friendly.

These Super Earth Goods purses are essentially built to last, and with such streamlined designs, they will certainly compliment the fashion trends of many years to come.

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