Tips to have an Eco-friendly Swimming Pool

A swimming pool can be that haven of relaxation for the hot sultry times. Here’s how you can make it eco-friendly.


Pool pump timer. 

Invest in a timer and it will be well worth the money. You can figure out how long you need to run the pump so that it properly circulates the water in your pool. The timer allows you to run the pump for short periods of time, instead of just “all the time.”


An efficient pool pump. 

The basic concept of the pump is that you have to circulate water to keep it fresh. There are a lot of times the pump is bigger than it needs to be. Get a smaller, more efficient pump, which does the job very nicely, and doesn’t use as much energy.


Solar pool cover.

It’s really just like a big sheet of bubble wrap that we lay on top of the water. Since evaporation is one of the biggest sources of heat and water loss for a swimming pool, you save both in having to use the pool heater less, and in having to add water to the pool less frequently.


A windbreak.

Following up on the evaporation thought, install a wind break around your pool. It just blocks the wind, and lessens evaporation. The windbreak also doesn’t let the wind leech heat from the surface of the water as much.


Ultraviolet pool cleaners.

The system works by connecting a sterilizer between the pool filter and the fresh water return line to the pool. The ultraviolet works to eliminate chlorine byproducts, and lessen the amount of chlorine needed. It’s a great system and the pool doesn’t have the chlorine smell as much.


Be regular about the maintenance.

It’s amazing how just making sure the basics are taken care of will allow the whole pool system to work less. If you cleans leaves before they begin to clog up the filter, we make the filter last longer and run easier. It works the same with the pool pump – it’s a bit of a process to clean the pump. You have to shut off the pump, open the basket, clean it out, and then make sure to “re-prime” the pump before you start it back up. Brush the pool regularly, so you don’t have to use water and chemicals as much to shock the pool because of algae that builds up.

There are a lot of ways to make the pool more well-organized. A lot of those items have the twice the benefit that they are eco-friendly as well. Doing the research and taking the time to make the pool run smoothly can pay off in reduced energy and water costs in the long run.

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