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Whirlwind of plastic garbage conveys an environmental concern

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With the growing environmental concerns everyone wants to get rid of the garbage or any other kind of polluting material. Sometimes due to the pollution around us it feels that we are living in a dump and wish that it disappears, miraculously. Although it may sound like a dream but Wang Zhiyuan, a Beijing based artist, has made a piece named ‘Thrown to the Wind’, a whirlwind of trash ascending into air to help us visualize how it would look like if trash disappeared into the skies.

A 36-Foot Tall Whirlwind of Garbage

This larger than life plastic waste tornado of Zhiyuan, which stands 36 feet high, represents the trash heaps that are overtaking the hometown of the artist and environment surrounding it. It may seem to be colorful and cool at first, but Zhiyuan has tried to convey a message through it. He has tried to remind us about the problem that we are facing everyday and has serious consequences on environment. According to him, he wants his art to be something bigger than him and he would feel guilty if it doesn’t it does not promote social well being.

The entire concept may be fascinating, but the reality is that we are still living on the earth with lots of garbage around us, which needs to be dealt with.

Via: Mymodernmet

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