Where to draw the line with eco friendly products

Ecoholics try to incorporate being eco-friendly into everything that they do. Be it the way they eat, the transport they use to get around, the way they dress. They make changes to the way they live, often purchasing goods and products that are organically grown and manufactured. even  and An ecoholic goes out of his way to procure organic products which are not without good cause. Eco-friendly products might be expensive sometimes but that is surely not a hindrance for them. Sure there are long-term benefits to doing your bit for the planet but there is definitely some line to draw when you go for eco-friendly products.


1. Washable Tampons made from bamboo- With so many organic tampons available in the market, why would anyone want to go for questionable coarse products to be inserted into your soft private parts?! There is also a question of how exactly you would insert these particular things inside. Being organic doesn’t mean you give up on practicality.


2. Lobster Lingerie – This piece of work actually resembles a lobster and is made from lobster shells and hence the name. We urge you not to wear it on a hot date especially if it is a first. Also please do not reveal it to your partner especially without prior warning.


3. Elephant dung heels- So you are an ecoholic, and a short one at that, but would you really go that far? Like the name suggests, the pair of heels is actually made of elephant dung. They are also a whopping ten inches high but they are too whacky a creation.


4. Hanging tent- The purpose of going camping is to put up a tent and go explore and do other things. Not to hang from a tree and not be able to get down and do them. Unless there are wild predators walking around there is no utility for this tent. Being eco-friendly doesn’t mean you have to compromise on practicality.


People nowadays are opting for a healthier lifestyle, ‘going green’ has become the catch phrase. Eco-aware people also buy products which are good for themselves and the environment. And some of them can be very bizarre.

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