Opt for Eco-friendly Transport

The transportation you use to get around everyday also makes a big impact on the environment. Opt for eco-friendly transport and make a difference.

Ecologic green car with grass surface

Opt for  Eco-friendly Transport

Eco-friendly transport is not as tough as it may seem. We may be stuck in a dilemma whether to opt for eco-friendly transport or just go ahead with our existing car which saves money. But then again, let’s find a way here.

  • Opt for public transport – Public transport is cheap and is good for the environment. They might seem a bit run-down but surely they are better than you stuck in a jam alone in your car at peak hour, right? Airplanes also emit a lot of carbon into the atmosphere. When you are travelling a very long distance, which cannot be covered by public transport like trains or buses, only then buy a flight ticket.
  • Car pooling – We cannot emphasize enough on how efficient car-pooling can be. Whether you are going to your office or sending the kids the school, surely there will be other people who will be doing the same at the same time and hour? Make a pact with those people , find out if they are interested and car-pool. You can put an ad on the internet or go for websites which cater to these requirements .Make sure you are all on the same route. It gives you the dual advantage of being in a comfortable car and travelling fuel-efficiently. It will cut your fuel expenses to almost half.


  • Opt for electric/hybrid cars – There are many cars flooding the markets nowadays due to the eco-awareness of the people. Local pollution problems can be easily tackled when you are driving such cars. Do some research before going for one, compare with other existing models and then decide.
  • Alternative fuels – Research and work is being carried out in developing a lot of alternative fuels which include ethanol , bio-diesel, propane, etc. These are comparatively less harmful than fossil fuels. This will be a breakthrough in reducing air-pollution and we should support such researches.
  • Two- Wheelers – This a fun-method and helps you to get around easier and faster. Two-wheelers save the day especially when you are stuck in a  jam. They obviously emit less carbon than four-wheelers.
  • Walking and Cycling – Such simple methods for being eco-friendly. Walking, running, jogging and cycling keep you healthy and fit and are great for the environment! You can even find a buddy to do these with you.

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