What Foods Will Kids Like Being Served?


Do you know a kid or two that is a picky eater? Guess what, that’s completely normal. Many kids don’t like the healthy foods even though it will help them to stay healthy and grow big and strong. So, what can you serve that children will enjoy? Today, the expert food service provider is here to give you a complete breakdown of the list so that the children are happy with things being served and still come out with some nutrients in their body.

Call things by fun names

kid-eating-healthy-foodKids love when you call things fun names. It can even cause them to want to eat them for. For example, if you cook some veggies into small shapes or a long string, you could end up calling them vegetable fries or fries sticks. This sounds so much more fun to a child than eating their vegetables. It will cause them to at least want to try it. You can call each of the items you are serving a new and fun name.

Separate the food

Since children are picky, they don’t like picking things off inside of the ingredients. This means that if you have a large dish, try and not add each item to it. Allow them to add ingredients and make it their own. This will prevent them from not wanting to eat any of it just because one ingredient that they don’t like is inside.

Keep it simple

kid-eating-healthy-foodChildren like simple and that means you should try and keep it simple. Choose foods that you know most children will eat and allow them to make it their own. For example, most children love a burger. You can hand out the patties and buns and then they can put whatever they want (or nothing) on top of the burger. It makes it fun, simple, and easy for you.

Add cheese

Let’s face it, children love cheese. Why? Because cheese is delicious! That means if you put cheese on most things, they will end up eating it. That’s a quick trick that you can do. Add cheese to things like vegetables and they will be much more likely to consume it.

Allow them to add their own toppings

kid-eating-healthy-foodJust as we said above, allow the child to put their own toppings on. Whether this is making an omelet, making a salad, a sandwich, or anything that can be quickly thrown together. Allow the base to be out and then keep each ingredient in separate contains and allow them to choose for themselves.

As you can see, there are so many ways foods that be served to ensure the child loves the foods they are being given. Although they still most likely won’t like them all, it’s a lot better for a child to still enjoy a few options than none. We hope that you found this list helpful and are on your way to a child loving the foods they are being given.

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