Eco-friendly homes built using recycled building materials

Eco-friendly homes built using recycled building materials

Green has indeed become the hottest buzzword everywhere. The world around us has become more aware of global warming and the need to cut down carbon footprint. People, now, are resorting to greener alternatives for housing, transportation, cooking, clothing, and the list goes on. It is a great trend, however, considering the condition that our planet is in, it is now or never. Either we switch to a greener lifestyle or we make our future much more difficult. Individually, housing might easily be one of the most common purposes for which we utilize natural resources. Therefore, by opting for houses made of recycled building materials that use revolutionary techniques like a modular display system, we can make a huge change.

Mentioned below are eight eco-friendly houses that have been carved out of recycled building materials such as bricks, wooden pallets, aluminum, iron, and steel. Let’s have a look at these.

1. Quinta da Baronesa

Quinta da Baronesa

A stunning Brazilian wonder! Designed by Studio Arthur Casas, this eco-friendly house is constructed from recycled bricks and to add a touchy finish, Cumaru wood has been used to complement the breathtaking looks and the naturally lit interiors. Possessing great homes is a fortune, and the designers have made the attainment of this fortune an easier job for all the green freaks around. The house is constructed in the hilly green terrains. The main point of attraction is the roof of the house. An added advantage is provided by the sleek long windows that enable the filtering of sunlight an easy affair.

2. Manifesto Eco House

Manifesto Eco House

Situated in Curacaví, Chile, the Manifesto Eco House, by designers Jaime Gaztelu and Mauricio Galeano is a perfect example of an environmental friendly home. The duo have used recycled wooden pallets and shipping containers to construct this home. As much as 85% of the construction materials are either reused or recycled, which include aluminum, cork for insulation, iron & steel, paper. The best part is that the house uses solar panels and wind to meet around 70% of its energy requirements. This green house was built in merely 90 days and cost around 79,000€.

3. Rubble Bubble

Rubble Bubble

Brainchild of Gert Eussen, the Rubble Bubble eco-house is made from reclaimed bricks, pebbles, recycled wood and concrete tiles. Although rusty in its look, the eco friendly house can be the best shelter for you in summers, when the sun is at its peak. Because of the concrete tiles, the house is completely water proof and has a soothing coolness from inside. Dug into three layers from ground, the house has a diameter of 180 cm and stands tall at 205 cm.

4. Ambiente Housing System

Ambiente housing system

The housing system makes the use of waste glass for building modular houses. Due to this, the house is protected from pests, hurricanes, fires, and floods. Besides these, the housing system also makes the use of tires and plastics, which would otherwise have been dumped and polluted the environment. Instead, Ambiente cleverly uses the waste materials to construct green houses. The panels of the Ambiente housing system are made from cenospheres, which in turn are produced from glass and silica based products. Such types of houses take less than a week’s time to get constructed.

5. Eco friendly house by Dan Phillips

Eco friendly house by Dan Phillips

Have a hoard of scraps, wastes, left offs, or any other dustbin material around? No one else but Mr. Phillips is the best person you should be thinking of. This genius mind creates houses out of the ultimate forms of waste material, including cattle bones. And these houses are not just Eco-friendly; they are beautiful, stylish and cost effective. He has helped construct 14 such houses till now and all of them have been proudly claimed by first time buyers. The story book house, for example has a stripped roof, the one resembling houses in story books. The front door is decorated using colored ends of glass bottles and the roof are made of scraps that would reflect off sunlight to keep the interiors naturally comfortable.

6. Affresol Modular Homes

Affresol modular homes

If you are a real worshipper of nature, you need to check this out! Affresol, a company that basically works on creating quick constructions, has come out with a construction material that is itself made out of recycled material. The material, named as Thermo Poly Rock, is composed of recycled plastics and minerals. So no more whacking of brains regarding what to use and what not to! You have a ready made eco friendly raw material at your disposal! Grab it and make your dream house speak to nature.

7. Eco-Art

Eco Art

A leftover, faced with an entire makeover! That is what anybody would comment on this house presented by Fraser Koroluk. The entire house is an assembled art, made from the renovation of 2007. Old window frames, paints mixed and reused, framing and cedar siding, literally every corner of the house displays the wise use of reused material. The result, of course, is beautiful and presentable.

8. House-made from corrugated fiberboard

Fibreboard house

A creation by Auburn students, this house makes use of corrugated fiber board, better explained as a sandwich of wavy paper-bails between sheets of hard paper boards. The resultant material is light in weight and when waxed, the surface becomes water resistant. Not a bad idea for having an alternative Eco-friendly building material at all! In fact, the students have made a small functional house using this material.

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