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by Ecofriend1874

Waste is a big mess. Hypes of dung lying in a society, the dust burying the home furniture and even the environment is digging deeper under the garbage it has got piled up for itself, the waste with no place to go is screaming to be used. Manifested reforms are being used. People are said to cut down on usage and even asked to keep a check on the dispose at their home level. The basic and most effective ways of getting the no waste is to consider nothing as waste. It does not mean to have a home for all the un-necessary things at your place but that of giving a new look of usefulness to it.

The most effective and ancient way is:

Give an analytical glare at the trash bin of your house and pick up all those can, newspapers, plastic bottles etc and get your novelty side out. These can be used as the pen-holder, lamps, decorative pieces and a lot more depending upon the creative eye you have. Giving the newspapers and other reusable material to the recyclers and old clothes, toys and things which can be used but have lost your interest to needy people rather than throwing.

Reuse or multiple uses will help in acquiring the zero wastage agenda. From things as small as of a plastic bag, carrying your own bags for shopping in order to prevent the plastic piles at home, using a bottle or can for the purpose of storing water, pulses etc which you through after emptying it. using the water left after doing the dishes for plants.

It is the most effective method. Reducing or shunning the use of environmental degrading agents like plastic, CFC etc can not only make these go extinct but also give you a safer and gem free ambience to live it. Start from your perfume, get your car checked for pollution regularly and use CFC free refrigerators. All these steps if taken by all can at once bring a huge change.

methods like car pool and use of public transport can not only make your transportation bills go smashing on the lowest floors, save the environment and cal also get you some good people to interact with. One can get the organic products, efficient lightings and even depend on the alternative sources like disposable utensils, electricity generating solar and thermal plants. Use of buckets instead of showers

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