Waste management introduces eco friendly trucks

Environment loves us a lot and we must love it back too. It is a much known fact that our planet is facing serious problems such as pollution and global warming and these problems can really pose a huge threat to the environment. People from all over the world are becoming aware of the fact that it is time for them to adopt the eco friendly methods. Eco friendly methods as the name suggests are the ways to lead life that are friendly to the environment rather being a trouble for the same. Waste management has also come forth in the campaign to save the environment and has recently introduced a fleet of eco friendly trucks.


The trend of eco friendly vehicles have been ongoing across the world for quite some time now however these CNG trucks are the first to be unveiled in North west Florida. These great vehicles are launched as a replacement for the heavy duty trucks which were causing a lot of problems for the environment. These newly introduced CNG trucks are manufactured with the latest technology and emit very less harmful gases in the air and that is why they are eco friendly vehicles.


CNG or Compressed Natural Gas is actually a much eco friendly fuel than diesel therefore the vehicles running on CNG automatically enter the category of green vehicles. As per the news almost a total of thirty trucks will be ready to hit the road by the end of this year. The launch of these eco friendly trucks will really make a lot of difference as the emissions will come down by almost eight thousand gallons a year and that is per vehicle plus a reduction of around twenty two metric tons of gas emissions from per vehicle and that too on a yearly basis.


Domenica Farmer who happens to be a senior district manager at Waste Management said that Waste Management is completely committed to saving the planet and sustainability and believes in leaving no stone unturned to extend a clean environment to the people. This current launch of eco friendly trucks is only the beginning as Waste Management is thinking of a larger picture. It aims at transforming around eighty percent of it total fleet into green vehicles by the year 2020. There are more than one benefits of launching these eco friendly trucks other than them being friendly to the planet.


This fleet of trucks happens to be a lot quieter than the trucks that run on diesel which is also a good thing for the environment. As per the reports Waste Management has successfully transformed almost two thousand vehicles across the nation. CNG or natural gas is very good for the environment and that is why Waste Management aims at transforming all old trucks with the new improved ones by the end of 2013. Helping the environment in any way is a wonderful thing to do and the initiative by Waste Management is surely a great thing.



People across the globe are becoming aware of their responsibilities and adopting green methods of living in their day to day lives. This step by Waste Management is among many others that have been taken by people and firms across the globe. Waste Management has also come forth with a trash compactor which is solar operated and helps the operator of the truck when canister is about to get full. This initiative by Waste Management is truly worth mentioning and the company aims at providing the best to the people and to the environment as well.


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