Waste cardboard used to make creative work of art

We have seen many innovative things being made out of waste cardboard earlier and now Mark O’Brien has worked on various artifacts and has now come up with a disposable camera replica made entirely from waste cardboard. He uses all kinds of dumped packaging to make original things such as hats, shoes , guns and pots to name a few. Some of his work is put on show in the galleries and he also makes props for schools and theaters.

Rubbish recycled creations are actually a work of art

He groomed up his skill while learning graphics, art and design at the University of Leeds, where his art was not only brushed, but he was also encouraged to continue with his work in future. There he was given enough freedom to show his skills with different kinds of waste material wherein his proficiency with the cardboard came to light and from then, there was no looking back. Now he has his own studio in Manchester where he exhibits his work in the show window.

Apart from this disposable camera, which was completed in two days his other work of art includes a cello and an AK47 rifle, which is made out of recycled materials. His first sculpt made out of cardboard was a gun when he was young, later he utilized this dexterous skill in making unique life sized shoes, cooking essentials such as knives, cups and saucers ,forks, plates, mugs etc. He also created a guitar to be put up in a gallery in America. Some of his creative innovations have also been bought by people. More and more use of recycled material not only saves the natural resources and also ensures that they don’t end up in the landfill adding to the waste problem.

Via: Thesun

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