Voleo: The perfect wind turbine for domestic use

Wind energy, when harnessed properly, can be used to accomplish a variety of daily tasks. Accordingly, the engineers at the Ecole Centrale de Lille for Osue Studio have created the Voleo Wind Turbine. Voleo has an interesting and high efficiency design that will prove to be a great domestic wind turbine. The design is simple and will help produce clean and green energy.Voleo wind turbine

Unlike conventional designs, it won’t feature a center pole on which the blades are fixed. Voleo Wind Turbine was conceptualized keeping modern day demands and customers in mind. All the necessary design requirements were put together keeping the needs of a customer, who opts for a wind turbine, in mind.

Both the upper and lower arms are joined together near the blades, which makes it possible to exclude the need of a pole in the design. Deleting the center pole does not have much of a difference on the overall functioning as it is just a stationary component of the turbine.

Voleo Wind Turbine is aesthetically appealing and will produce clean energy to power your gadgets and other appliances used at home. It can also be wedged at offices, malls and stores apart from residential areas, making sure that wind energy is used in a productive manner.

This will be a great way to pamper your eco friendly soul and save precious resources at the same time. So, make some electricity with the Voleo Wind Turbine that makes optimum use of wind power.

Via: Cargocollective

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