Visage Hotel proposal uses natural resources to the fullest

Neat looking and carefully planned, this hotel is done up in glass and other porous materials. The slanting roof contrasts sharply with the straight lines used below, creating a mesmerizing visual effect. The seating area inside is enclosed by transparent glass walls on all sides, allowing everyone seated inside to enjoy the scenic view that lies around them. The fencing wall of the building has creepers growing on the top half while ample of shrubbery has been planted within the premises of the building. Designed by architects Umit Yetgin Aykac and Oya Saydam, the structure integrates well with its surroundings.

Visage Hotel

The edifice has been thoughtfully built keeping in mind the importance of using natural resources to the fullest. Natural light, air and even water resources have been put to good use. To facilitate the use of natural elements, the exterior casing of the building has a porous composition. The structure uses natural light as much as possible; for instance natural light is diffused onto the top floor of the restaurant center to illuminate it. Air naturally circulates in the interiors of the building and helps to give the hotel a fresh and open feel.

Such an airy and ventilated ambiance is not very common with hotels as most are closed spaces that make residents feel rather congested. However, in the Visage Hotel, fresh air from the outside flows through easily, making its interiors rather breezy. This also acclimatizes the building to its surroundings. Additionally, water has been used to cool down the edifice. All this makes Hotel Visage a devoted clean and green structure. The hotel reduces dependence on external sources for its power needs, bringing down energy expenditure significantly.

Via: Projectmimarlik

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