Trans Wind Energy Generation: A concept to harness wind energy for efficient power generation

The myriad benefits of the efficient use of wind energy for power generation have been talked about for long. The idea is being implemented in various projects around the world but a mainstream use of the technology, something that allows for the increase in efficiency and presents it as a viable alternative to fossil fuels, is missing. Trans Wind Energy Generation concept by Richard Harrington offers a solution that promises to be beneficial on several counts. This concept addresses problems relating to efficient and pollution free power generation, better use of renewable resources and commuting without having to navigate traffic snarls.

Trans Wind Energy Generation

The concept

The concept envisages the use of sails, gliding about on wires supported by towers that are 200 meters in height. In a bid to ensure that more energy is generated from the sails, larger sails are used. More surface area ensures that more energy can be directed towards the generators for production of energy. The wind energy of the sails also guides the movement of a passenger carrier that moves supported by the wires. In addition, it powers the motors that are connected to the carrier. This ensures that even when the wind velocity does not reach the desirable mark in order to chug along the carrier, the motors render stability to its pace and movement. The power generated over and above this is directed to a power grid. The carriers will likely touch a speed five times that of the wind. It is proposed that a network of such facilities be built and the stations be developed akin to the airports.

Favorable aspects

The numbers are impressive. If the people behind the concept are to be believed, each carrier holds the potential of meeting the requirements of more than twenty homes. The estimate is built on the premise that the consumption of a household nears 1 Kw. The designers also assure that the efficiency of energy production is expected to be thrice the energy produced under similar conditions by wind turbine systems. Alternative sources of energy, preferably renewable, are being sought to solve numerous problems associated with the use of fossil fuels. All man made contraptions need the support of fuels, either directly or in the form of electricity produced using the fossil fuels. The resources are limited, alternative resources have been disappointing in their efficiency and demand exceptionally high investments. The concept seeks to put paid to these concerns. The mode of transport it seeks to propagate would require no support from any other fuel. Furthermore, more energy would be produced to power the appliances at homes. If the results are better than the wind turbine systems in use today, eulogies are in the offing as and when the concept is implemented.

Negative aspects

Wind energy driven turbine systems have been in place for years now. Concepts have been proposed time and again. The premise has always been to offer a pioneering methodology, a panacea for all the energy issues, but little has been achieved in real terms. A concept that claims to be thrice as efficient needs to prove it through implementation. It may sound cynical, but till then the jury will be out on this one.

Via: techbriefscontest

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