Jalaks: Creative car of new age technological development

Human beings have evolved themselves in a technologically advanced world with frequent necessary amendments in the basic working procedures. Auto mobile industry has augmented in the last century with enormous and appreciable pace and Jalaks is one creative car of the new technological era. Wind element has been taken into specific consideration for various car fabricators, but Jalaks has emerged as the first car ever influencing this technology.

Jalaks on the Forge

Performance specifications

This innovative idea is basically based upon the process of procedural air flow controlling and funnelling not only around the car but also, throughout the car. Its designers have made sure that this car represents the wind ferocity in order to maintain its exotica when drivers power up the engine speed. Pacific North West is famous for the power of its wind and this car has been regarded as a representation of those winds only.

Comfort zone

Driver can also have a better experience because its windscreen is detachable. Moreover, wind flow can be lowered down by opening the air vent so that driver can sit comfortably without any kind of problem associated with the surroundings. This car is manufactured from carbon fibre due to its lighter fuel efficiency. This type of shape is difficult to maintain in other cars due to their conventional design aspects and other specific parameters.

Need for implementation of jalaks

After some time, human beings will run out of petroleum fuel and all the cars are going to be deserted afterwards. Therefore, people need to think about their upcoming generations and think about the other modes of unlimited energy resources. There is a need to think about the ozone layer depletion due to highly hazardous ill effects of carbon monoxide. People need to think with long term effectiveness and their ideas should be totally environmentally sustainable. All such factors can be reduced to a single creation called Jalaks on the Forge. Car designers and engineers are quite pleased with this creation because this car runs on the cheaper hydrogen fuel and makes it more of an environment friendly vehicle.


Today, human beings hail from the advanced modules where extreme designing can be assessed on regular basis. Most of the people may take its side view as the head of racehorse and makes it look quite muscular, fast and focused.


This car looks more of a fantasy car but people need to believe that this design car exists for real and soon, it shall be out in the market for purchase. Designers have used advanced design tools like Hypershot and C4D for designing this car. Most of the reviewers have criticized the car design for its complexity, but it is more of a creative and artful design. Jalaks on the Forge can be reckoned as a revolutionary change in the vehicle industry.

Via: The Forge

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