Tracy Strandness Brings eco friendly products to Eastside

Fashion or no, comfort is always on everybody’s mind while choosing what to wear and opting what not to. But add the spice of eco friendly with a mix of fashion and comfort, the product is a winner. With the environmental concerns reigning high, the market and demand for eco friendly products have been constantly on the rise. About everyday some or other new brands come into fray for a share of customer’s attention, but the majority of what is making waves is eco friendly into the market. Big stand alone stores to high end fashion, there is plenty of focus on sustainable environment friendly.

Now that the market is looking up and awareness is spreading far and wide, the retailers have started merging sustainability and eco friendliness with fashion consciousness, the product just disappears into the hands of the products before the competitors can even realise what hit them.


Been gone long? Here she is back with a bang

This is what entrepreneur Tracy Strandness of Kirkland must be thinking right now. After a prolonged absence from the scene, here she comes bursting with news and activity. She has launched an e commerce website with mostly organic, sustainable and eco friendly products which mostly are eco-friendly athletic apparel. Another merit that counts in benefits for the business is that the products are mostly recycled. The eco-friendly athletic apparel products go with the tagline that goes “celebrate and support the athlete in everyone, whether it’s a child learning to ride a bike, a senior doing a mall walk or the seasoned athlete”. These lines very rightly capture the spirit of the products which actually covers all the walks of life and has been designed for people from all the age groups.

Barefoot Athletic Company

Tracy has named the initiative as Barefoot Athletic Company. As is customary with the launch of a company, her mission and vision statements are crystal clear. The mission statement spells like “The company’s mission is to inspire and encourage the notion of personal health, fitness and confidence through products and practices that support the most basic elements of global health: the earth, its wildlife and our children.”


Environment Concern and Social Responsibility

The company has also taken into account the social responsibility. Tracy Strandness has put forth that a portion of the benefits from the sale of eco-friendly athletic apparel from the website will be bestowed upon the organisations that support the cause of humanitarian welfare or environmental issues.

The company as obvious has a very functional website which the users and the customers can browse and use to their content. The words that very rightly describe the colours and spirit of the garments are very evident across the website “Bold & Vibrant- Can’t ignore it”. Tracy Strandness hopes to catch the visitor’s attention, strike a chord with their attitude and captivate them in a big way so much so that they keep returning for more.

Product Range from Barefoot Athletic Company

The product range is commendable. There are 100% cotton t-shirts, in organic fabric and treatment in vibrant colours, sustainable water bottles, hand-crafted vegan lip balms, lead-free pewter sport-themed jewellery, baseball caps, hair ties, towels among a wide variety of other products. Apart from these, the company aims to include content from local areas and include inspirational stories from around the areas.


Tracy has been away from the limelight and with apparent reasons. She has spent a lot of times in wording the content of her website, both merchandise and literal. But the good thing is that those words are not only aimed at creating a well rounded hype around the new venture of eco-friendly athletic apparel, but also reflect the true thought and over all spirit behind the initiative. The tag of eco friendly does not reduce the dynamism of the product and also does not compromise and the comfort quotient.


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