Top technologies with the greatest influence on renewable energy

Based on several aspects, some research services have conducted an analysis of technologies in sustainable energy that are of importance. The top technologies that have been identified in 2015 leave a high influence on the energy industry.

Major factors used to determine these top technologies include their adoption in different regions, significant restrains and drivers in the industry, market potential, funding deals and partnerships, and IP and innovation landscape. Check out below the sustainable energy technologies (in no specific order) that have identified as the major influencers.

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  1. Lithium Batteries
  2. Microgrid
  3. Big Wind
  4. Waste Heat Recovery
  5. Floating LNG
  6. Bioenergy
  7. Low Voltage DC
  8. Fuel Cells
  9. Portable Renewable Power
  10. Unconventional Oil

Sustainable energy trends analysis

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For the last two to three years, energy storage has been given top importance in the area of sustainable energy. The research and development funding has been very high in this technology. It also has a great potential in the market.

Further, there has been increasing number of patent applications received in this area. If it is combined with renewables, then there are high chances of it to replace traditional fossil fuels as energy sources. Energy storage technology has a wide implementation.

Due to increased oil prices, shale energy has also remained a hot technology trend over the last few years. However, its improved production negatively affected the energy sector. This happened when the supply exceeded the demand and oil prices came down as a result.

Apart from this, another technology trend that has picked up over the last three years has been of microgrid. Considering the future power grid’s complexity, system integrators have started focusing on microgrid initiatives rather than the smart grid.

Major challenges for these technologies

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Due to decreased oil prices, some of these technologies are facing a challenging time as these have become economically non-viable. Low prices of oil have created an impact on the overall energy sector, and this has taken away the appeal of renewables too.

Further, even some major players in the renewable energy sector are facing a budget crunch. This is their time for survival rather than spending on exploration. Additionally, these technologies are still more dependent on public funding and have risks of policy changes.

While sustainable energy-related technologies like shale energy or microgrid are trending at top for the last few years, these are still facing large-scale implementation challenges due to several global energy scenarios.

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