Top eco tourism destinations

Eco tourism is a fast catching trend, which helps people escape from the hustle and bustle of packed up cities. There are many places that let you submerge your senses completely in their magical aura, surrounded by greenery and natural wonders. Eco tourism ensures sustainable travel and is a fast growing segment that has people talking all across the globe.

Ecotourism in Paraguay

Paraguay, a landlocked country in South America, comes packed with many natural wonders and picturesque views. Paraguay offers a great combination of culture, history and ecological ambiance, which will pamper people who have been blessed with an eco-soul. The area boosts of the stunning Niagara Pantanal, which provides a safe sanctuary for rare birds like storks, ducks and herons. Pantanal is considered to be one of the most beautiful and important sanctuaries in the world.

If you are craving to savor vast flora and fauna, then you can’t miss the El Chaco. It has a vast geography that runs up to million square kilometers and will mesmerize visitors as they get to see the beauty of Paraguay and Pilcomayo rivers. These pristine rivers transform the whole area into a place of pure beauty. The local population further contributes in promoting eco tourism by taking all necessary steps to conserve natural resources and preserve natural habitats of Paraguay. The landscape of Paraguay features the highest mountain range of the country, the Ybytyruzu Mountains, which will leave you enthralled and awed.

Ecotourism in the Blue Mountains of Australia

The natural purity of the landscape is what makes eco tourism in the Blue Mountains, Australia, worth mentioning. The name Blue Mountains originated from the fact that when one sees this range from a distance, it seems to be draped in a blue wrap; as a result of the native blue gum eucalyptus that covers the wetlands, canyons, cliffs and meadows.

During the unforgettable tour across the Blue Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage site, your eyes will witness some of the most beautiful parks and reserves covering an area of 550 square mile. The region is a home to wildflowers and wildlife, which will delight nature lovers. Once here, you can enjoy hiking, bushwalking, rock climbing, canoeing and mountain walking to savor what nature has to offer. The area has a large number of environmentally friendly cabins and lodges, which will let you dive in the beauty of nature.

Ecotourism in the Galapagos Islands

Get soaked in the magnificence of nature as you explore the magical Galapagos Islands. Hop from one island to other on a first class or deluxe yacht and enjoy the offerings of these photographic and eco-friendly places. These small yachts will give an access to different areas, while providing unending comfort and the much needed safety. The islands are smothered with plant-life and house many animals, which have evolved and developed as per the unique habitat of each island.

The Galapagos Islands have exclusive species of fauna and flora that are found nowhere else on the planet. Indulge yourself in adventure and choose from a wide range of activities including hiking and snorkeling or recreational diving, while exploring Galapagos Islands. You will feel in heaven amidst rocky cliffs, white and black sand beaches, cinder cones, shorelines and lava flows.

Ecotourism in the Fjords of Norway

Enjoy nature and various cultural activities, which are an important part of the eco tourism in the Fjords of Norway. Travelers have been flocking the Norwegian Fjords for many centuries now, thanks to its vivid appearance and the isolation it offers. Norway follows strict environmental regulations that ensure the area always beams with greenery and offers congenial conditions for preserving wildlife.

The beauty of this area has been preserved in its pristine state from the medieval times and its coastal villages are reflective of the same. Thousands of fjords unfurl panoramic views, including waterfalls, rivers, green hillsides, lakes, wildlife and glaciers. Indulge in exotic recreational activities like quiet boat rides, kayaking or hiking and soothe those frazzled nerves.

Ecotourism in Botswana

Botswana is a popular eco-destination, well known for its varied wildlife, enormous wilderness and cultural distinctiveness. Botswana is one of the purist wilderness areas present in Africa. It is a major attraction for safari tourists because of a large wildlife population. The wildlife area is managed in a great way and only a few visitors are allowed at a time, keeping control over the tourist traffic and preserving the natural habitat.

The government has come up with policies for further developing the enthralling concepts of eco tourism. The presence of natural parks, reserves and tribal lands is of advantage to the high aspirations of the government for converting the place into a sought after eco destination.

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