Top camping ideas for eco friendly campers

Camping is an all time favorite hobby for many people who like to get away from the bustle of city life. It is also a great way to learn about the environment, the importance of carbon neutrality how we can protect the earth from emissions, global warming and pollution.

How-to-Clean-and-Reproof-Your-TentYour camp site:

Keep your camp site clean by taking all your trash along with you when you leave, there are plenty of portable gadgets like stove heaters that can be used in place of a fire . Reduce carbon emissions from your care by choosing to camp in a place that near to your home. Use only those camping items that are eco friendly. At the camping sites, stick to the routes that have been marked out by forest officials for camping purposes as marked trails will reduce the destruction or the erosion of the natural surroundings.


Use equipment that is solar powered that you can easily find in nay camping store or online and you can find anything from a generator, lanterns, back packs and even bug zappers. For heating food, you can use a heater or a stove over a fire as they do not produce any emissions.   You can also find gear that has been fashioned out of recycle materials like sleeping bags from Mammut, North Face and Patagonia. Play It again Sports is a store that specializes in swapping or selling used camping items online that would other wise have added to waste.

weeqweqwewqeweClipboard01Linens and cutlery:

Carry with you only plates, cups, camping dinnerware and cutlery that is reusable or biodegradable. Discard waste water on to dry land instead of polluting streams or lakes. You can get biodegradable cutlery made out of bamboo online, reusable items can also save you a lot of money if you camp out frequently.


Fishing and camping are two activities that go together but do not fish in water bodies that are protected and even if you are allowed to fish, then consider using circle hooks and sinkers that are lead free. Lead free fishing gear have been made mandatory in made parts of the US so make sure that you are doing your part, besides, lead free gear is also cheaper.

fire2Natural fire starters:

Take along with you fire starters from home, these are made from the scraps and refuse materials from all around the home such as pine needles, dry grass. Make sure that they are okay to use as many camping sties have rules on what can be used as fire starters.

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