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Top 10 self powered concept cellphones

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Self powered concept cellphones

A few years ago, mobile phones were considered to be a luxury product. But now it has almost become a must have article. Today, when the green concept is hovering over the human kind with an ever important ferocity, it is obvious that even mobile phone companies have tried to contribute their shares to the actualization of this concept. Given below are 10 such phones which are the proud claimants of this title.

1. Nokia Eco Sensor

Nokia Eco Sensor

In perfect alignment with its name, the Eco Sensor is a true sensor of all kinds of ecological and biological changes that occur around the one who wears it. And that is just not it; the Eco Sensor would solve the purpose of a cell phone. As for charging, the sensing device would be self powered. For the device in totality, solar energy is the only food.

2. ModeLabs YoYo Concept

ModeLabs YoYo Concept

In case you are a health as well as green freak, this could be the phone for you. The phone is powered when one swings and bounces. Further, it also has solar cells to charge itself up. The credit for this concept goes to designers from France.

3. Celsius X VI II Papillon

Celsius X VI II Papillon

With an absolute aura of gorgeousness, the phone features what could be a dream of many, but an affordability for a few. Priced at a staggering $275,000, this phone would certainly justify its cost. The design component claims a huge share of the phone’s working. It would be a coupling of a mobile phone with a tourbillion watch. The concept has already undergone a rigorous invasion for three long years. The working is a complex possession for the Papillion.

4. Nokia morph concept

Nokia morph concept

Technology at its best, by one of the best technology wizards of the century, Nokia. The Morph concept utilizes a combination of various concepts. The most prominent are nanotechnology and transparent electronics. The phone would be flexible enough to bent into any desirable shape. Another marvelous feature would be the 10,000 transformers that would make the phone an almost living organism.

5. Phone powered by sound

Phone powered by sound

Now sound would be used to generate power! The credit for this proposal has been swooshed up by Tahir Cagin, professor at Department of Chemical Engineering at the A & M University. The team has found out the secret that would save a lot of electricity. There is a certain piezoelectric material that generates maximum electricity when manufactured at a particular dimension, presumably 21 nanometers. However, any alteration in the thickness of the material decreases its efficiency. This concept would couple with sound waves to provide charge to small gadgets in the future. Only at a nascent stage, the technology has to undergo a lot of forging and wielding in order to become a practical truth in the future.

6. Nokia E-Cu

Nokia E-Cu

The Nokia E-Cu, wherein E symbolizes Environment and Cu stand for Copper, is the brilliant work of Patrick Hyland. The phone has a termorgenerator which will convert heat, produced by the user’s body, into electric energy. This will be used to charge the phone. In order to make the phone resemble more closely to its name and purpose Nokia E-Cu features a design that replicates an appearance of parched earth surface. As for charging, any heat source would do the job. The best way for those who are eco-conscious would be to place the phone right into their pockets or hold it tight in their finger grips. The body temperature would be naturally utilized.

7. Atlas Kinetic Cell Phone Concept

Atlas Kinetic Cell Phone Concept

Designed by Ricardo Baiao, the Atlas phone has a body made of glass and aluminium. The phone distinguishes itself in the fact that it does not feature a hoard of frills that are otherwise done by phones. The concept that it uses to power itself is a very basic one. It utilizes oscillating weight to power itself, the same that is used in traditional watches. If at all the phone runs out of charge because it has not been used for too long, you don’t have to necessarily take much pains. Just hold the phone and start twisting it in an up and down fashion. The kinetic energy would kick life into the device.

8. Eco Spin

Eco Spin

Using the kinetic energy to charge itself, this concept mobile phone has two detachable batteries. It’s very simple to charge this phone. Just press the button at its back and spin it. Eco Spin is designed by Jung-woo Choi. The phone keeps its users in a beneficial position by offering two different Graphic User Interfaces (GUI). The mechanism that comes handy here is the procedure of fitting separate detachable batteries for the two different purposes. The black colored one would be used when you want to utilize your device for business purposes. Similarly the metal colored one would be preferred when the user needs to switch the user interface to an echo mode.

9. iPhone evo

Solar Powered iPhone evo

This smart phone has in-built solar panels that utilize the sun’s energy to power itself up. Kudos to Amy Lam for designing this much needed green phone in today’s scenario. While the phone gets charged, a green icon bubbles up located at the back of the phone.

10. Rotel Mechanical Mobile

Rotel Mechanical Mobile

One can charge this phone up by simply fidgeting around. Quite interesting! The cellphone does not use solar energy, wind energy or electricity instead it uses kinetic energy for charging. The credit for this concept goes to Mikhail Stawsky. Its features include miniscule design and a clock towards the edge. The device gets charged up by the circular movement of fingers.

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