Top 10 countries running on the Power of Wind

Several countries around the world have started utilizing the power of wind. They have been using wind turbines to generate power as it is a cleaner source that does not create any pollution through harmful gases and is safe for the environment. To make wind turbines more efficient, they should be strategically located so that the maximum output may be received. Let’s have a look at the top 10 countries that have been using wind power to its best.


  • The United States: The country has been using wind power from long. Since the U.S. has set up its generation equipment at targeted places where wind is abundantly available, there has been ample amount of power generation from wind energy. It has benefitted them a lot as their dependence on foreign oil sources has reduced to a great extent. Also, that has led to a cut-down in pollution levels.
  • India: Wind power contributes to around 5% of the total energy in India, with an increasing growth trend. Some experts predict that India could even surpass some developed nations within a few years in terms of its utilization of alternative sources of energy.
  • Germany: This country is quite dependent on green energy sources and over 10% of its total energy comes from wind power.
  • France: It also tops the list of countries that have been using green energy. France not only uses wind power, but also utilizes ocean power to contribute to its energy stock.
  • Spain: There has been a widespread use of wind turbine technology in Spain. This country is committed toward environmental protection and more than 10% of its energy is gained from wind power.


  • The United Kingdom: The efficiency of wind turbines operating in the United Kingdom is quite high as these are located in areas that have excellent availability of wind. In addition, the number of turbines in the U.K. is significant. 1-2% of its energy stock comes solely from wind energy.
  • China: Due to high population, China has started looking for alternative energy sources that also include wind power now. The number of turbines is increasing in China and they are efficient at utilizing it.
  • Denmark: There is hardly any pollution problem in Denmark as around 20% of its energy is supplied by wind power. There is high efficiency displayed by Denmark when it comes to the usage of alternative energies.
  • Italy: Being eco-friendly and oriented toward maintaining nature, Italy has always harnessed its alternative energy sources in the best possible manner.


  • Portugal: Even if it’s a small country, its total energy’s 11% comes from wind power.

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