Toms Booth: Walls with cardboard boxes manifest at Pro Green Expo

There has been growing awareness on packaging material and how we use it in the past few years. More than the gadgets itself, companies are now taking care that they use the minimum packing material possible and in many cases this is even completely biodegradable. But not everyone has made this change away from plastic and waste accumulated from discarded packaging material is still one of biggest contributors to the filling of landfills. Once the new toy, gadget or item arrives, most often it is only natural that you are too excited to care for the wrapping.

Toms Booth

Toms have put up an exhibit at the Pro Green Expo and it is crafted entirely out of recycled shoe boxes. The exhibit show the necessity of recycling packaging material and the extent to which we waste resources for packaging and most often it is more for aesthetic appeal than protective purposes. While one cannot avoid the use of packaging material totally, one can surely cut down on it and make it as eco-friendly as possible.

The exhibit put up by Toms does draw attention towards the problem and of course it also helps draw visitors to the booth with its unique look. The recycled shoe boxes have been placed carefully to create the walls and models of shoes have been displayed just like they would be at any other footwear stores. Toms also seems to donate one from pair of shoes to a child in need if you buy a pair from them. That seems like a nice little gesture as well…

Via: Ameyalliruiz

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