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TODO: An urban based electric bike that can be folded and carried

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Foldable Electric Bike

When it comes to the ambit of city based transportation modes, foldable bikes do not actually belong to a new conceptual trend. But, beyond the essence of novelty, it is the nature of credibility that should hold importance in an efficient design. In that regard, we cannot indubitably appraise the TODO foldable electric bike by designer Albert Lu, given the lack of provided information. However, a fully portable, low emission bike in an urban scope is more likely to adhere to our future needs of practicality and sustenance.

According to the designer, the whole mechanism of TODO is based on simplicity of features, tailored for an average urban commuter in China. In fact, the context used for the collective endeavor is the slew of non user friendly, high emission vehicles produced by local manufacturers, which do not even meet the criteria of being visually pleasing.

So, as a righteously ‘green’ solution, the facilely conceived Foldable Bike will cater to a wider section of city based consumers. Its simple power train consists of an electric hub motor, along with the usual pack of batteries and a small controller. Even structurally, the bearing is kept light weight, without the utilization of complex transmission related mechanisms.

However, the definitive feature of the bike is obviously its portable nature. The folding steps as mentioned by the designer includes the sliding of the seat along the inside axis, and then following it up by turning the handlebar and finally folding the rear wheel. The compact component can then be locked and carried across the traffic laden streets quite easily.

So, at the end of the day, TODO does have the potential to fuse the advantages of low emission commute along with convenient portability. The only question remains: can the sustainable scope be translated from paper to an actual scenario?

Via: Albert-Lu

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