Tips for making your food truck go green

food truck go green

Food trucks have been around for a very long time. Its popularity is skyrocketing nowadays. A food truck one of the best ways to promote and advertise your food business. It is also a convenient way since you can save a lot of money on advertising your product as well as on overheads like rent, etc.  As much as it is a good thing to have a food truck, it is also important to ensure that you are not harming the environment too much.

You can still avail the benefits of having a food truck as your business and be a responsible person when it comes to caring for the environment. The go-green concept is at its all-time high as people and industries are taking various measures to help reduce the pollution. You can also do the same with your food truck by using these simple and helpful tips.

Give your menu an eco-friendly touch

 food truck go green

The Food and Beverage industry is taking lucrative steps to do its part towards the betterment of the environment. As a food truck owner, you can equally do the same. During the initial stages, you should make sure that you go ahead keeping in mind the different kinds of eco-friendly measures you can take. Even while planning your menu, opt for dishes that are made from organic ingredients. Go for a pressure fryer. Choose foods that are sustainable and healthy.

Reduce your energy consumption

After you have decided the kind of menu you want to have, the next thing that you have to consider is the kind of appliances and equipments you need. Using options like the cooler space, a fryer, or even an oven will be some of the things that you would need. Today, you have options like the smart home automation products. Using smart appliances will make a difference in your energy consumption. Another way to go about it is by going for appliances like an air fryer instead of a deep fryer.

Use local resources for your supplies

 local resources

As much as it may be helpful to buy things that are imported from other countries, there is nothing better than using the local resources. Buying supplies from local retailers and farmers will make a big difference. This will give the farmers a chance to earn and at the same time, you can serve organic food. Unlike the wholesale productions, local farmers still use the traditional agricultural methods. They also use organic methods to help during the production process.

Work out a plan for cutting waste reduction

Food waste is one of the biggest challenges that equally pollute the environment in many ways. When you run a food truck, one of the things that you are bound to have is food waste. You can go eco-friendly by converting the wet food waste into compose materials or hand it over to the local farmers who use such materials for their agricultural purposes. Another important factor that you have to consider is the waste generated by using plastic glasses, utensils, plates etc. If you do plan to opt for disposable cutlery and dining wear, then choose recyclable or biodegradable products. Alternately, you can also choose to go ahead and use reusable tableware and cutlery.

Check alternative arrangements for fuel consumption


When you run a food truck, the fuel consumption is another essential factor that should not be overlooked. Whether you plan to park it in one spot or move around, the bottom line is that there will be consumption of fuel. You can choose to go eco-friendly by going for biodiesel or even use the converter kit. Another option is to run your truck through solar power with the help of solar panels.

Know the food that you plan to serve

If you are planning to have a food truck, it is important that you should know the foods that you plan to include in your menu. Make sure that you educate yourself about the different kinds of foods available in the local market. It is also advisable to get to know the health benefits of these foods so that you can plan your menu accordingly. Research on the origin of these foods to widen the menu options. Getting to know the agricultural practices behind growing these foods will also help you to make the right choice.

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