Tips for generating a slogan for your green business

generating a slogan for your green business

If you are creating a new slogan for your eco business, you must make sure it is memorable. There is nothing better than creating a slogan that people can actually remember with ease. Even when using a slogan generator, ensure you have added the human and ethical element in it.

Slogans are for people and not for machines. For this reason, make sure that you have created something that represents the sustainable values of your company and is easy to remember. You don’t want to burden your employees or stakeholders with cramming the slogan.

We are going to look as the best tips to creating a slogan for your eco business. Continue reading.

Short and simple

generating a slogan for your green businessA slogan is not a song or a poem that you must practice to grasp. It should be created from what you company believes in. If you want your slogan to make sense to you and to your audience, don’t be generous with words.

Keep it about 9 to 10 words and nothing more. It should be simple enough to be remembered but strong enough to carry the message.

Consider the slogan for Las Vegas for example, “Whatever Happens Here. Stays Here”. What if they had added in some more words and said, “Everything you do while in Las Vegas should not be shared across the boundary”? How many people would have remembered that even?

The above example represents the true meaning for a slogan. You can read it while in a speeding vehicle and still remember it moments later. A short slogan with a simple language


The aspect is consistency that fails many companies when generating a logo. It may seem simple but it is key to proper branding. It does not matter whether you have a small business just starting out, or you are fully established eco enterprise. Your slogan must complement your logo, company name and the image you apply.

You should not let the slogan wander and seem as though it is standing on its own. The slogan should be for the eco cause and business, and not the other way round.

Focus on your uniqueness

 get ideas from your competitionWhen creating a slogan, you can still get ideas from your competition – the other eco-mined business out there. But be very careful not to copy or present their ideas in the same vein. You have your own abilities that make you unique. Let that be your main focus.

Try to find out what sells more for you. Perhaps you are a delivery service that works with electric cars. Let your audience know you care about the environment.


The world keeps changing with new technologies and idea coming up. You might be thinking of creating a slogan that you can change with time. That is not a correct approach.

When it comes to a slogan, longevity matters a lot. People get used to it and they will identify with your products easily when they hear it. You don’t want to strain your customers with new slogans every now and then.

Base it on the target market

target marketYou market should be the best place to find slogan ideas. Consider whether they are local or international. Make you slogan based on what they identify with most.

The five tips above should be a great way to get on the route for a great eco slogan.

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