Three cars that run with the help of compressed air

Unlike solid or liquid, air do not have a definite shape or volume. Air can be easily compressed but as soon as the pressure from it is removed it expands very fast. When air is compressed a certain amount of work is done. This work is stored in the compressed air in the form of static energy. This static energy turns into kinetic energy in the absence of the pressure. For example when a balloon is pinned it bursts and air flows out. The pin makes a hole on the balloon’s surface and releases the pressure. This makes the compressed air flow out with great gusto bursting the balloon. The same logic is applied to make compressed air work and move a car. Motor Development International or MDI developed the Compressed Air Engine or CAE for fueling the air cars. The one great benefit of using the air cars is that they can substantially reduce the rate of pollution caused by automobiles. Air is going to be used as the main fuel so the cost of fuel will get reduced as well. In the following three air car concepts are described.


Honda Air Lightweight Concept Car:

In 2010’s LA Auto Shows Design Challenge Competition Honda presented their Air Concept Car. The design was influenced by the high speed roller coasters and the wing suits worn by skydivers. This concept car has been designed to run solely on the power of compressed air. This concept car has got Turbo Vacuums and a pneumatic regulator system. Vegetable polymers have been used to construct the body panels so that it is light weight.


The Air Car:

The MDI is soon going to launch its Air Car model in India. The model has been named City Cat. It will be marketed at $12,700. Instead of combustion system that uses gas and oxygen this concept car will use compressed air to move the pistons. It will give you as high a speed as 68mph on the city roads easily.


Tata’s Air Powered Car:

Tata has developed an Air Car model that can be manufactured cost effectively. This air car can travel 200 km without stopping to get recharged. Tata has not yet announced its official launching date.


The air cars can solve the problem of rising fuel prices. They are also eco-friendly and do not pollute the environment as the diesel or petrol fueled cars.

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