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Things you should consider when building eco home

by Ecofriend1874


Home building methods have been developing to become better for the environment. People who are ecologically conscious wish to construct their houses in a greener way that consumes lesser energy and take fewer resources. Modern methods include a variety of building techniques through which houses can get to become more eco-friendly. Let us see how these techniques work and make your house environment-friendly.


Using green building materials

To build a greener house, you may use materials that are non-toxic and are recyclable. Such materials do not harm the environment and are also suitable for construction purposes. For example, recycled jean material can be used to make insulation for walls. There are other recycled building materials, such as recycled lumber and plastic wood products. Such kinds of materials reduce waste and save environmental resources. Also, make sure that you are using toxin-free materials like particleboards that are free of formaldehydes.

Developing energy-efficient designs

To create a house design that is friendly to the environment, it is important to utilize high-efficiency equipment for heating and cooling, as well as other energy saving appliances. The placement of various equipment and building parts can also be advantageous to you. For example, if you place your windows in the airy and sunny space, you might get better ventilation and sunlight to warm your house during winters. This can save a lot of energy you may use through heating equipment. Similarly, if there are skylights in interior areas, your daytime electricity consumption may reduce.

Using alternative energy sources

There are various types of solar and wind power sources that are being used in building modern homes. Solar energy can be tapped to be utilized for water and space heating purposes, as well as for generating power for domestic use. Making use of such alternative energy sources can be friendly to the environment, while also saving on domestic resources.


Harvesting rainwater and managing water

Water management is of a great importance in an eco-friendly house. You may setup a system for harvesting rainwater that can be utilized in your lawns and gardens. Running water on the roof is usually captured through rain barrels. There can be a system installed for recycling gray water from showers and sinks so that the recycled water can further be used for gardening or cleaning purposes. You may also get composting toilets installed to make your house greener.

Thus, such small steps can save on a lot of energy while building an eco-friendly house.


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