Things to Know Before Installing a Backyard Wind Turbine


Are you looking to install a wind turbine in the backyard of your house? If yes, then it surely is a great step towards going green and reducing your carbon footprint. Wind turbines are a wonderful source of producing electricity. They help you save the environment as well as your money. Also, you might even make some money if you export the energy produced from your wind turbine to the national grid of the government. However, there are certain things that you must know before getting a wind turbine for your house.

  1. The Right Space for Installation


At least an acre of land is required to successfully install a wind turbine and reap its benefits. There shouldn’t be any obstructions around like buildings or trees, otherwise, the path of the wind would be obstructed and the turbine would serve no purpose. Truth be told, wind turbines aren’t suitable for every house. Therefore, make sure there’s ample space to install one.

  1. Types of Turbines

Wind turbines are primarily of two types – pole mounted and roof mounted. Pole mounted turbines come with 5kW-6kW power and roof mounted turbines come with 1kW-2kW power. Though you might be looking forward to installing a pole mounted wind turbine in your backyard only, but if the space around doesn’t permit, then you can even consider installing a roof mounted turbine on top of your building. Also, the cost of a roof mounted turbine is much lower in comparison to the pole mounted one.

  1. The Appropriate Wind Speed


Once you’ve decided on the space and the type of turbine, the next important step is to measure the speed of wind in your area. For this, you would need an anemometer or a wind gauge. Generally, turbines require a specific wind speed to start functioning initially. To determine the required wind speed for the turbine, do check with the manufacturer before making any investment. However, if your house is located on a hilly land, then wind speed should not be a problem.

  1. The Flicker Issue

The shadow cast by the wind turbine while rotating is called flicker. Remember to check this with your installer. Ideally, a wind turbine should not cast any shadow on the surrounding buildings. So make sure to keep this in mind while getting the turbine installed.

  1. Noise Pollution Check


A wind turbine makes noise because of two factors – the mechanism and the moving blades. Enquire about the same with your manufacturer as this could be a deciding component for the point of installation. The lesser the noise, the closer it can be installed in your house. Keeping in mind the neighboring areas and being a responsible citizen, it is your obligation to check for noise pollution before installing a wind turbine.

  1. Impact on Surrounding Wildlife

This could be one of the restrictions on installing a turbine for your house. Many instances of avian deaths and harm to the wildlife have been reported due to the negative impact of wind turbines. However, better and improved technology has also been brought into practice to solve the problem. Understanding the avian behavior thus becomes important. If there are bats in your area, then a bat survey must be done. Based on these studies and surveys, the height of the turbine is determined.

  1. Government Permission


To install a domestic wind turbine, you would require permission from the government. Since this is regarding installing a source of energy for your house, the inputs and suggestions from the local planning department of your city or state become essential. Also, make sure that the manufacturer you consult is government registered, and right from the investment to the installation, everything should be legal. If your house is on lease, then you might as well require the consultation and permission of the freeholder too.

Installing a wind turbine to reduce your utility bills and save the environment is a great initiative, but make sure everything is done in an organized manner, following all the needed procedures.

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