Waste Management Tips for Outside Events

Waste management

We often hold events outdoors to enjoy the scenery or nature itself. It is easy to forget that while we enjoy the beauty and splendor, we may be contributing to its degradation as well. However, there are ways to ensure that your outdoor event doesn’t harm nature. Here are several waste management tips for outside events.

Have a Plan to Minimize Waste Creation

One way to manage waste is to minimize its creation by design. One example would be giving people a single plate with dividers for each serving instead of multiple plates, bowls and cups. You could automatically put sauce on the food instead of putting it in a separate container with a lid.

If you’re providing drinks, encourage reuse of containers. You could decide in advance that people can bring their own water bottles, reducing how many plastic water bottles you’ll need to dispose of later. You might choose to limit how much food is sold or control portion sizes so that you minimize food waste. Providing air dryers instead of paper towels eliminates paper waste without the inconvenience of limiting how much the dispenser gives your customers.

Plan for Proper Waste Disposal

Consider the amount of trash that will be generated by the event and provide at least 10% more trash receptacles than you think you need. After all, some people will bring water bottles or need to throw out other items they brought with them. Have trash cans or waste bins along with appropriate recycle bins spread out throughout the event while ensuring they can be easily identified by attendees.

You can take things one step further and install multi-stream trash bins. You may need to make it clear at entry to the event which items are prohibited so that you don’t have to spend much time sorting through the collected recyclables for contamination. Clearly label the waste containers so that someone doesn’t put plastic in something destined for composting. If you provide unusual items like compostable plastic, make it clear where those items go when disposed of.

And know what types of waste and levels of contamination your waste hauler will accept so that you don’t end up with a load of trash without a way to dispose of it.

Plan for Human Necessities


Bring in portable restrooms if the venue itself doesn’t have enough public restrooms or the facilities aren’t in good shape. Companies like Satellite Industries rent portable restrooms to customers at a reasonable rate, and you’ll never go wrong having an extra pair of restrooms available so the line isn’t long. Conversely, you will ruin the event if people wait half an hour to use the facilities.

Don’t forget to provide appropriate facilities for diaper disposal if you’re going to have families with young children in attendance. Provide proper hand washing facilities or sterilizing wipes for everyone while giving them clear instructions on how to dispose of these items.

Proper waste management is not only essential for your attendees but will facilitate things for your cleaning crew as well. You’ll also be able to reduce maintenance costs and the impact your event will have on the environment.

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