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Things to consider when choosing green building materials

by Ecofriend1874

If you are looking to play your part to sustain the environment, there are many eco-friendly materials available in the market.  However, no matter what they say or profess to be made of, you take the final discretion whether the products are green or not.  Many goods are sold as green products; however, upon reading the reviews from people, you understand that those were only false promises.  Here are four major things that you must take into account when buying sustainable or green materials for building.



This implies, whether or not the material is made out of material that is biodegradable and at the same time easily renewable like bamboo or cork.

Wood is also a renewable material; however, opt for wood products that are Forest Stewardship Council certified.  A lot of engineering wood material is made out of tress like aspen that quickly grow.


Recycled Material: 

The best way forward would be to recycle old material, which would not only help our over spilling landfills, but it would also prevent the unnecessary clamour for raw material.  There are materials like aluminium, steel, plastic, cardboard and paper that are easily recycled.  Recycled paper can be used to make countertops by using it in cellulose insulation.

Furthermore, plastic can again be reused to make carpets.  Metals are also very malleable and easily recyclable to the extent that they can take their original form.


Recyclability and Reusability: 

Another thing to watch out for would be checking whether the material you are buying can be reused and recycled later on.

Metals, for instance, can be recycled even after their useable time period.



Another important thing to look out for is whether the materials will be durable or not. It is important to opt for products that require minimal maintenance and withhold themselves.

This will save on time, energy and money as well as repairs in the long run.


If you take into account the above four important factors when buying green building products, then you will definitely move a step forward towards building a sustainable and eco friendly project.  Hence, by using your own wisdom and judgement, you can decide what is correctly being sold and what is not.

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