The Nourish organic skin care line now turns Earth-Friendly


The organic skincare line by Nourish line from Beaver Falls, PA manufactured by Sensible Organics is full of earth friendly features. Every step involved in the manufacturing process is guaranteed to be eco-friendly that is right from the products needed for manufacturing to the packaging of the materials all are claimed to be completely safe for the environment and eco-friendly.

The products available and the quality

A wide range of products are available in these organic skincare lines. The bath and body products all sold by them are made from 100 percent natural sources like fruits, vegetables, and even before using the plant extract they make sure that it comes from those plants that are grown without any pesticides or herbicides or any other chemicals that may harm its purity or quality.

But the most unique part of these skin care lines is the way they have implemented the eco-friendly or now as we may term it the earth friendly ways in the packaging of these organic skin-care products.



The company has implemented really unique ideas in its packaging process to make it as eco-friendly as possible. Not only the products used for packaging are recyclable but also they make sure 25 per cent of the products they use in packaging are post consumer content. So as mentioned there is not a single process in the manufacturing of these products that will damage the environment in any way.

The stocks bottles, tubes, jars and the like are all given the shape of vintage apothecary bottles. The company had planned to make them look like the medicines given by our grandmothers to make them look as effective and as helpful as those provided by our ancestors which we can trust with our eyes closed and there was never any need to think about its negative effects. The proprietary suppliers also supply materials which are made of high and medium density Polythene and PET which are completely recyclable and also follow the standard of including 25 percent PCR content.

Giving the Vintage look

To provide the vintage looks in the packaging of the Organic skincare products Madplum Creative the communication agency designed the label graphics for them which have illustrations that are hand drawn and which are supposed to reflect that the organic ingredients used here are hand selected and so are the flavoured scents used. The images display soft lavenders, ripe berries and figs to imply that the products are completely made of natural ingredient and will not harm the consumers in any way.

To further boost the apothecary formulae there is a cartouche in the front panel of each package. The hand drawn logo is supposed to signify that these organic skincare products are perfect for you and is just what your body wants. The reason behind the bottles and the labels being white is to indicate the purity and non-toxic nature of these products. To denote that these are luxury products there are black closures and typography on the labels.


Info label Inc printed all those sticks on deodorants and tubes that denote that the products are pressure sensitive on a press from Hewlett -Packard while WS packaging printed those shrink sleeve labels for the bottles in a four colour process. All the packaging is properly decorated by Berlin before they are actually send to Sensible Organics’ Plant and hence there is no direct involvement of the company in supply chain activities.

The Nourish line was introduced in 2011in whole food marketing under the Sensible Organics name. The people seem to like the look of their products and the performance this product has shown in such a short span of time is really worth a mention.




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