The most eco-friendly materials for windows and doors


Windows and doors can be manufactured from a large choice of materials, with each offering different qualities to the home that homeowners should consider before finalizing their choice. However, some materials are more environmentally friendly and sustainable than others, so if you are looking to upgrade your windows or doors, you should consider an eco-friendly option for your homemade of a sustainable material.


Wood-is-a-brilliant-insulatorWood is a brilliant insulator and stands up to extreme heat and cold, making it perfect for helping to conceal heat in the home through your fixtures; timber is the most environmentally friendly material that is used within manufacturing and for fixtures within the home, as it reduces our dependence on fossil fuels and their carbon emissions. Timber can also be used to increase the life cycle of a building, as it has minimal embodied energy and is a natural carbon-storing material.

In addition, it is hypoallergenic, recyclable, and biodegradable, and is the only truly sustainable material that we have, so it is vital that it is utilized as much as possible over other materials. Modern paints and stains for wooden windows and doors have made maintenance for fixtures easy, which in turn increases their life.


Glass-is-used-in-all-windows-and-doorsGlass is used in all windows and doors, whether you choose to get single, double, or triple glazing for your fixtures. It is fully recyclable and can be reused in many ways and turned into other glass products and recycled repeatedly throughout its lifetime.

Made of sand, glass is a brilliantly sustainable building material that homeowners can choose variations of, as not all glass is created equal, with different manufacturing techniques used to create different types of glazing. This means that each different style of glass panes has varying success in keeping energy in the home. The home loses heat through the glass in fixtures, which makes it vital to choose a glass variant that will be the most energy-efficient such as sash windows from Quickslide with double glazing as standard. A double-glazed window is much more energy-efficient than single glazing and includes a sealed unit made up of two panes of glass. The gap between the two panes of glass consists of air or argon gas, which creates an insulating barrier against the cold outside and warm inside. Because of its energy-saving properties, glass is a vital and important material in construction and manufacturing.


Aluminum-is-a-genuine-long-life-productAluminum is a genuine long-life product. It is commonly used for home fixtures, particularly door frames, as it is strong and durable, making it structurally sound. It is environmentally friendly and can be fully recycled. It also greatly helps on saving in energy in comparison to extracting aluminum from its ore.

Understanding the impact of different material types on the environment is important to know before choosing your windows and doors, as there are lots of variables to consider alongside its eco-friendliness, from thermal and acoustic performance to durability and longevity.

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