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The eco friendly diet-A sneak peek

by Ecofriend1874

[box_dark]Choose to consume environmental healthy food[/box_dark]


The issue of unhealthy food products have been in the limelight from a longer time now and the people have resorted to various methods and dieting plans in order to maintain their health as well as figures by avoiding the fatty food items and grabbing the ones which are high on proteins and calcium so that our body can get the required intake of nutrition required without making ourselves face the effects of having the food on the visible front. However, with the growing awareness about the environmental problems that are being widely faced by the people in the world, the new food plans have been introduced which will not only keep your health at a safer end but will also help to save the environment from getting depleted to a greater extent.

If you cook at home yourself, then here are some quick options that you can restore to in order to get healthy meal with a healthier environment:

[box_dark]Be creative with your seasonal availabilities[/box_dark]

Often, we overlook the seasonal and locally available ingredients and opt for the exotic international ones which will help us to cook the dishes of our choices throughout the year. However, experimenting with the easily available products will not only help you to explore the new flavours within your budget but will also aid to save the environment which is being affected by the cross-country shipping of food products.

[box_dark]Pick up the organic products[/box_dark]

While you go to market to buy your food ingredients, look for the ones which have been produced within an organic environment, that is, without the use of any chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides. The naturally grown food is not only much healthier than the one which have been grown by using chemicals, but it is also environmental friendly as the use of fertilizers and pesticides can pollute the air, land and water, all at once.

[box_dark]Be very careful about your seafood choices[/box_dark]

The recent methods of hunting the fish are not only harming the fish population but also causing an adverse effect on the environment as well as your health. Though fishes are very healthy to consume and rich in protein content, not all of them serve the purpose. Thus, keep a firm check on the type of fish that you are buying. Avoid shellfish and farmed fishes, instead go for a local fish feast, that is, the fishes which are caught and raised in the local area.

[box_dark]Check for the labels on your products[/box_dark]

Not only the quality of the product you are grabbing matters, but also the means through which it has been acquired make a huge difference to the environment. Always look for a ‘fair trade’ organisation label on your items as it implies that the product that you are consuming has been nurtured in a very healthy environment and the farmers who have grown it are getting their fair share of income by its same.

[box_dark]Restrain from extra packaging[/box_dark]

Whenever you go in the market to buy your food products, try and purchase in bulk as much as possible. Also, restrain yourself from collecting the items in different bags or containers. Instead, use one big bag which is made of the environmental friendly material. Avoid the use of plastic bags and try to reuse the bags in which you have brought the items home.


By restoring to the environmental friendly methods of your diet and shopping for those food items, you can contribute in saving the universe from getting depleted to the extreme extents.  Make sure that you make the right choice with your foods so that not only your health but the environment can also be saved from any ill effects.

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