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Technology Green Energy: Environmentally Friendly Companies

Everybody is becoming environmentally conscious these days to lead a better life.  In general everybody considers themselves as environmentally friendly. For example recycling the trash, using the less energy consuming lights and etc are some eco-friendly methods.  Using less power and the eco-friendly products will result in a better environment and eco-friendly life style. Here is the list of some companies which you could opt for making your life style eco-friendly.

Host gator: This famous web hosting company has many renewable energy credits. It generates more electricity when compared to its take-in.


3M: This is a very popular company of the world which has beensupplying office supplies and tape throughout the world. The specialty of this company is that they use only the renewable products or recyclable products for the production of the office supplies and tapes. Thus you can prefer this company if you need any eco-friendly office supplies or tape. This is the world’s second popular eco-friendly suppliers.

Antheuser-Busch: This is the world’s famous beverages company which has been offering the eco-friendly and tasty beverages to the customers. If you are looking for a tasty beer which is eco-friendly do try this company definitely. In general making of beer involves in thousand tons of water. Busch, who is the founder of this company have implemented a new eco-friendly way and this way includes recycling and redirecting the water to the families located around its main operators.

Nike: This is a popular shoe company which has been offering eco-friendly shoes to its customers. Moreover, this company is well known for its excellence. This is the only company which produces shoe by using the recyclable products. Due to all these reasons, this company has stood in no.1 position in the world.


Yahoo: Yahoo is well known all over the world and it has been encouraging the people visiting their sites to go green since long back. In fact this brought a great change in the attitude of many people. It effectively turned the people’s lifestyle into eco-friendly. Many people stopped using A/c’s in their home after visiting the yahoo sites.

Adobe: This is a famous company which is awarded the prestigious platinum certification for their efforts towards following environmentally friendly practices and sound design practices. This company also diverts the 95% of its waste from its landfill projects.

General Motors:  It might be quite surprising that the general motors’ of this company are eco-friendly, but they are truly eco-friendly.

Intel: Intel is well known throughout the world as the largest purchaser of the green power. They not only use the environmentally friendly processes but also generate energy efficient products that are eco-friendly.


This is a very popular list of eco-friendly companies, and you can prefer the above list for purchasing the eco-friendly products to lead a safe and secured life. Using eco-friendly products will improve your lifestyle and also results in better environment too. Using the eco-friendly products will minimize your daily expenses, reduces pollution, and provides a better environment for the future generations and also for you. Using the organic products from your food items to bedding will result in a healthy lifestyle. You might be surprised but most of the beddings are getting manufactured by using various chemicals these days. For this reason, you need to make sure that you only use only the organic bedding.

Also make sure that you use everything green for your children’s too. As the babies will be sensitive to soaps and some other inorganic products, make sure that you use only the organic products for your babies too. Go green, stay happy!

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