Sustainable and environmentally friendly building products

With the growing awareness of the environmental harm caused due to the conventional building practices there has been a tremendous change observed in the building practices with the use of sustainable practices and resources in construction. These building practices reduce the environmental impact and are free from toxic materials. Here is a list of five such amazing and innovative green building products. Have a look.

Earth MeasureEarth Measure

The Earth Measure is a product that is being designed by Coldspring and Jason F. Mc Lennan. The amazing machine is designed to cut the waste from the stone manufacturing industry and transform it into natural looking patterns and shapes. One of the series called the Fibonacci is dedicated to the seas shell spirals and other natural elements. It can be used to design pavements and floorings and can be used on any kind of surface whether exterior, interior, horizontal or vertical. Coldspring along with its architects and designing team, selects a proper pattern which is followed by the creation of a CAD diagram which is then proofed.

CrossLam Cross Laminated TimberCrossLam Cross Laminated Timber

Structurlam Products has introduces its new cross laminated timber by the name CrossLam which is made by sticking several layers of softwood boards one over the other at right angles to each other. The layers thus formed are lightweight and balanced and can be used for floors, walls and roofs. The product is manufactured by using reclaimed wood and wood obtained from destroyed forests. It is available in panels that measure 40 feet in length, 10 feet in width and are up to 12 inches thick. These panels are made from Purebond polyurethane adhesive which is devoid of formaldehyde.

The Ultima 240E ERVThe Ultima 240E ERV

The Ultima 240E ERV is manufactured by Air Pohoda, which is a ventilation product manufacturing company in the Czech Republic. This ERV is especially designed to suit the places having a hot and humid climate. It is one of its kind ERV since its humidity controls can be set manually and it automatically adjusts the moisture content of the exhaust air stream and the supply air stream. It is a highly efficient machine that has membranes made of plastic which prevents the passage of moisture from the walls of the passageways and regularly reverses the direction of airflow. This is extremely advantageous since the cooling of the exhaust air stream results in better removal of the moisture.

ERC 50 Modernization Façade_2ERC 50 Modernization Façade

This retrofit façade system from Schuco is perfectly suitable for the old and energy inefficient buildings and works wonders to improve their energy efficiency and comfort. The amazing Façade is available with a strong aluminum framework, high-performance windows, exterior insulation and all this can be easily installed with the least possible disturbance caused to the residents of the building. The striking features of the system are that they reduce the utility bills spent in heating and cooling and they reduce the construction impact.


This is yet another amazingly unique ventilation system from the DCI Products. The baffle is designed out of polypropylene and has 2-inch wide flanges to be installed upwards. This can even be used with the spray foam insulation.


Sustainable building products substantially reduce construction waste. Large amount of waste is generated in construction and building.

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