Strange products with eco friendly traits

Green technology is the latest trend and the industry is coming out with a bevy of recycled goods that never cease to amaze us. Here are five such products that may appear strange but are green to the core:

Eco-friendly Burial

Eco-friendly Burial

A firm from Colorado is selling caskets constructed out of bamboo and banana sheaves that will decompose along with the body to make it a green burial. This company has come out with a great way to promote green burials. This Ecoffin takes anything between 6 months to two years to decompose completely. Joanna Passarelli, the marketing director of the company, says that Ecoffins are better in comparison to cremation of bodies. The price range of Ecoffins starts from $800.

Eco-friendly Remote Control

Eco-friendly Remote Control

The Industrial Design students from China were challenged by Sony to design an eco friendly device. One participant from Dong Hwa University came up with a unique Sony Conductor TV Remote. It looks like a wand that needs to be swayed in order to work. For navigation, you need to keep waving the conductor towards the left and right for various functions like changing channels or setting the volume.

Eco-friendly Pet Furs

fur handbags

You can also buy clothes made out of your pet’s fur. A professional cat groomer by the name of Danelle German has started her own enterprise called Catty Shack Creations that sell cat fur handbags. It might seem weird, but wearing your own pet fun should not really be that weird, since we do wear wool from sheep or other natural fibers. Catty Shack uses beautiful cat fur and spins it into a yarn. The yarn is then knitted finely to form some chic handbags.

Eco-friendly Moss Carpet

Moss Carpet (2)

Walking on grass is therapeutic and now you can do that in the comfort of your home with The Moss Carpet inside your loo. This is a creation by Nguyen La Chanh and it almost seems like your toilet has grass growing inside it. This is made out of foam called plastazote that has forest, island and ball moss. The humid bathroom environment ensures that the moss thrives.

Pollution-Sensitive Dress

EPA Dress by Stephanie Sandstrom

If you put on an EPA Dress by Stephanie Sandstrom, you will be able to find out the level of pollution in the air. This dress that is sensitive to pollution starts staining and looking dirty, apart from wrinkling, if worn in extremely polluted environment. This dress, which is actually pretty, looks extremely dirty if the air is badly polluted and might just seem as if you just wore it straight out of a dirty laundry heap. The bottomline is not to wear it if you have to attend a meeting.


With these unusual and quirky eco friendly alternatives, you are sure to do your bit for the planet we live in and reduce your carbon footprint.

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