Stone tiles: designing the flooring of the house in a green way

Stones have been around for decades; their popularity in designing houses is gaining momentum recently. Stone, which is made out of natural environmental procedures, is a sound platform for flooring of a house owing to its durability and successful transition to the better. Off late, stone tiles are emerging as a promising element in value addition to houses.

stone tiles - a green  flooring option

Owing to their uniqueness, stone tiles find specific applicability in bathroom and kitchen remodeling. However, the competitive prices enable their elaborate implementation extending to other areas of a house as well. You can find an affordable and environment friendly alternative in the stone tiles compared to many other options. Designing your house with natural products can provide it an entirely fresh and attractive appeal.

Advantages of stone tiles

Different stone tiles provide different benefits owing to their uniqueness. Generally, stone tiles are highly durable as they stand the test of time. Stones are dense and hard to crack. They provide an even look throughout the body of the tile. Even if a layer is shaved off (or gets removed), the underlying layers remain consistent with the remaining body. Many stones emerge better with time when used and maintained properly.

Cleaning stone tiles is easy with a worthy stone soap. The stone floor can be swept or vacuumed to remove any debris, prior to mopping. Repairing can also be done easily; the repair can be less elaborate and painstaking than entailed in other tiling. Artificial tile flooring may want replacement of the entire tile, or sometimes a more elaborate procedure, entailing more time and resources.

The high quality and natural aspects of stone tiles make them sustainable and creditable for the environment. The water-resistance and ease in care are worthy features making them an apt flooring element. Being hard wearing, good quality stone tiles can last for a lifetime with appropriate care. They can be obtained in beautiful and vivid textures and patterns to suit multiple house décor. Different shapes and finishes increase applicability all the more.

Choosing your stone tile flooring

With a range of quality and valuable stone tiles, you would want to choose the most suited one for your house. It is not difficult to arrive at a choice because all the stone tiles are credible of their environment friendly character.

While color is an important component with any flooring type, it can be a bit different here owing to the natural character of stone tiles. Choose a color which suits your house décor. Else, you need to match interiors with the stone color. Stone tiles have a very clean appearance and can provide both variation and consistency in a flooring design.

Although available in diverse finishes, textures and colors, stone tiles cannot be probably made to fit in a preconceived idea. It is better to go with their true and typical nature. Finishing can have smooth or textured surfaces and softened or dead straight edges. Size can also vary along with shapes (like squares, rectangles or mixed). Your budget is also an important consideration, although stone tiles can be worth the investment.

Popular stone tiles for your house flooring

1. Granite tiles. Granites tiles, popular stone tiles in the market, are tough and consistent. Granite tiles come in appealing colors providing better applicability throughout the house. Owing to their durability and long lasting character, granite tiles find enhanced applicability in houses. They can be treated like ceramic tiles; however, installation should be done carefully coating the tile’s back completely in adhesive.

2. Marble tiles. Marble tiles can be extremely fascinating and sustainable. Honed marble tiles with a fine rubbed finish can be worthy ones for your house. Compared to the acid-polished marble floors, which look attractive initially but lose charm with usage, these can maintain their beauty and sheen.

Marble tiles cannot only bring in sophistication but also provide advanced engineering characteristics to your house. They are easy to maintain and come as a natural flooring choice.

3. Limestone tiles. Similar to marble tiles, the limestone tiles can be easily implemented in a house flooring design. They are widely used as building materials and are readily available. The ease of handling makes limestone tiles fit in different locations of a house besides flooring. Limestone countertops and claddings are not uncommon.

However, there is a specific consideration to their absorbency.

4. Travertine tiles

When mineral-infused limestone is subjected (over long periods of time) to considerable heat and pressure, travertine is formed. Travertine has been in use since long, and the tiles can create some of the most beautiful natural stone flooring designs. Travertine tiles are available in diverse textures and colors (like ivory and gold) and can serve a worthy upgrade to your house. Iron is an important component within travertine. That is why it can be found in many earth colors including brown tones, tan, reddish hues and other off-white shades.

Being a natural stone, travertine is carved out of a quarry in large blocks. It is then cross-cut down to smaller blocks. Since the cross-cutting is done along the grain of the stone, travertine has a more uniform texture and color.

Cleaning and maintenance can be tricky, as travertine (somewhat porous) is highly reactive to many liquids, particularly acidic ones. Travertine tiles may seem expensive; their benefits can be worthy of their price.


Stone is one of the most versatile natural products in the world and can be utilized in diverse ways. With tempting tailored-made looks and appeals, stone tiles have emerged successful in adorning residential and commercial dwellings. Due to their natural origin and longevity, these tiles are less burdening on the environment (compared to the artificial ones). With proper installation, careful maintenance and preservation, stone tiles can be a trustworthy element in any creditable house design.

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