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Stefaan De Croock creates art out of moss and pressure washing

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What comes to mind when you think of the words ‘pressure washing’? Giving the surroundings a good cleaning, no doubt. But what artist Stefaan De Croock has done is to use pressure washing as a tool of art. He recently created what he calls ‘Reverse Art’ on a mossy wall in Leuven, Belgium. Close up, Croock’s mural outside the STUK art center in Leuven somewhat resembles an intricate crop circle. Take a few steps back and you’ll see the little details on the moss.

Reverse Art

His Reverse Art installations depict all kinds of scenes: there’s one of a bird of prey with its wings stretched out and another of a cityscape. The talented Belgian artist doesn’t stop there, however; his works on canvas are exceptionally detailed and resemble graffiti with hints of Cubism.

Moss art isn’t a new concept, but its popularity is increasing. With artists looking for various mediums with which to create installations and other artwork, moss art is fast becoming something of a new age medium. Not only do you use something that’s alive and growing, but you can use it to create just about anything.

Croock’s paintings have adorned the walls of cafeterias and are perfect for modern times. The contemporary designs fuse a bit of traditional art with futuristic concepts to create pieces that are interesting and stimulating. His themes usually revolve around man meeting machines and how technology is increasingly dictating the way we live our lives.

Many of his works have been commissioned by private individuals and companies so you wouldn’t be surprised to see his pieces adorning the walls of Belgium’s commercial establishments. His job as a graphic designer also influences his artwork which incorporates layers of dimensions to create a solid finish. The complicated pieces demand a viewer’s attention and his live performances are testament the fact, drawing large crowds eager to see how everything comes together.

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