Home Architecture Spring never ceases at the Mill Valley hillside cabins

Spring never ceases at the Mill Valley hillside cabins

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Mill Valley Cabins is a beautiful hillside home and its inhabitants wanted their dwelling to have something more in terms of green. They chose to hire Feldman Architecture to design two small cabins for their existing home in Mill Valley, California. These cabins would be accessory buildings that will create space for an artist studio and yoga practising. They can even serve as private guest cabins.

Mill Valley Cabins by Feldman Architecture

The pictures of the cabins vividly reveal the efforts put to make it blend naturally with the surroundings. The two cabins are placed between existing trees without re-grading much of the landscape. Their orientation is such that they both capture absolutely different views of the surroundings, which is an added advantage as it saves the people from monotony.

Now, let us come to the aspects of the cabins that make them worthy of the green tag. The windows of the higher building overlooks the roof of the lower building and therefore, it has been planted with a beautiful garden. Not only is it a pleasing sight to look at, but also the plants make it ambient with the surroundings, keeping it natural. Where ever you look around the place, you will find gardens. It’s like spring never ceases to end around the dwelling.

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