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Spray paint cans and nozzles transformed into striking floral sculptures

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Can you love? Well, the answer to that most likely will be an affirmative in most cases and we will not stretch that subject further. But can you love cans? Does that sound like a silly and stupid question? Well, not to someone with the imagination and ingenuity of Hillary Coe who turns discarded cans and the nozzles, the ones that are done spraying out paint for graffiti lovers and many others out there, into sculptures that demand attention. Coupled with the imagination and resourcefulness is an airless spray paint kit. Easier said than done, only doing it yourself will prove how difficult doing something that looks so simple. Luckily, it is not hard to get paint sprays on BestOfMachinery.

Floral Sculptures Made From Spray Paint Cans

It takes a lot more than just vision and creativity to come up with pieces like the floral sculptures that we have for you here. One needs to have the skill and patience to turn that vision into a reality. And Hillary Coe seems to have both of those qualities in abundance. They say that true brilliance lies in seeing paths where others see dead ends and even something like turning discarded cans into sculptures and art work that will a find new home in living rooms across the globe is indeed brilliance, for most of us would just kick away the can rolling around on the street or pick it up and put it in a bin if we are a touch more responsible.

Her range of sculptures include Desert Orchids and Original Orchids that are completely crafted from can nozzles and even wall canvases that are created by pressurized impression of residual paint in discarded spray cans. There are of course the lovely ‘Spray Bouquets’ that you see, which seem more like a blooming part of a coral reef. We would much rather call them ‘Canned Coral reefs’, but then one does not get naming rights on things they did not create! All in all it is a gorgeous collection that showcases recycling, reuse and resourcefulness.

Via: Craftzine

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