Soundproof Windows: A good way to curb noise pollution and simultaneously contribute to the enviornment

Noise pollution can be annoying and, often, uncontrollable. If you are quite sensitive to noise, even the regular clatters can seem disturbing and distracting. While it may be impractical to always seek a favorable neighborhood, it is very much possible to control noise. This is achievable to a great extent with the soundproof windows. They not only reasonably help in reducing noise pollution, but potentially serve as a sustainable solution for enjoying an improved health minus the ills of noise pollution.

Eco friendly soundproof windows

Unwanted sound can damage physiological and psychological health. Hypertension, stress, sleep disturbance, etc. are common health concerns arising out of noise pollution. Industrial or transportation noise can also cause hearing loss. With the active urban life getting inevitably attached to lifestyle, it is expected to find out practical solutions for a healthy living.

Soundproof Windows to reduce noise

Soundproof windows can rehabilitate the already existing windows, not requiring their removal or replacement. There are several ways to control noise so that it is less bothering for your ears. One of the techniques, to create vacuum, is utilized in the soundproof window designs. The sound proof glass basically consists of two panes of glass having vacuum in between. Sound needs a medium to travel from one point to another, and in the absence of a medium (vacuum), sound cannot travel. In the absence of air, sound waves cannot travel. This consequently makes the windows soundproof. Apparently, soundproof windows curb noise pollution and keep you away from unwanted sounds. However, a broader impact is made to lifestyle keeping noise bound illnesses at bay.

Good quality soundproof windows may use laminated glass. Due to the inner PVB layer of plastic, vibrations are inhibited. The lack of air between the existing window and the soundproof window, which you obtain from the market isolates the frame from vibrations. There can be spring loaded seals in the frame to further avoid noise from penetrating in.

Effectiveness of soundproof windows

It is indicative that soundproof windows have an STC of 53 after installation. STC, or Sound Transmission Class, can provide a rough idea of how much sound can be stopped. It is the most widely used sound reduction measurement in use. Interior noise level with STC ratings in the 50’s can be a health hazard.

An effective soundproof window can reduce noise levels by about 75 to 95 percent. They can be better than replacement windows and eliminate the noise menace. With major disturbing noises coming from outside sources, the soundproof windows can serve well in resolving noise-related problems. Soundproof windows can insulate your living and work area. You enjoy peace of mind and increased concentration. These windows are designed to be durable and are easy to maintain. Maintenance is similar to the usual windows, involving regular cleaning with a soft cloth or a non-abrasive household cleaner.

Soundproof windows can be practically installed behind existing windows and operated simultaneously. These windows can work as a second window. Besides controlling noise, they can also make your room cool faster by enhanced air conditioning. This can be a sure advantage arriving as reduced energy bills and improved thermal and sound insulation. Thermal insulation is also an indirect saving on electricity.

Common considerations when selecting a soundproof window

A worthy soundproof window has some essential features, which can outline its usefulness.

Much more than the thickness, the amount of dead space between the panes in important. When considering replacement windows, look for STC ratings. For double pane windows, the ratings are usually 27 to 32. The higher the rating, the better soundproofing you can expect. The specialty replacement windows are almost soundproof, although they may be expensive for personal use. However, the engineered soundproof window may provide extended benefits over the dual paned replacement window. Much depends on the application of the window, and your preference.

It is better to match you wall’s and window’s STC ratings. The thickness of the wall and insulation type can determine its STC rating. You can also make your own soundproof windows by adding either interior storm windows of laminated glass. This is basically the idea behind the working of soundproof windows. This can be more economical than buying a ‘soundproof window’.

There are soundproof windows which enjoy rebate from the government because of their energy efficiency. You may get one of these types of soundproof windows for your house. Some makers also use eco friendly materials like timber to make their soundproof windows, which can be even better adapted to the environment. The materials are obtained from sustainable sources. Considerations like planting more trees than cutting down and ensuring the new plants aim at reducing carbon dioxide more than their predecessors are helpful in reducing the green house gases adversely affecting the environment. The initiative can prove helpful for protecting the environment both in the short and long run.

With ample designs, it is better to look at multiple manufacturers for maximizing your gains. The thicker ones may be more expensive than the comparatively thinner ones, although a slight difference in thickness does not alter the soundproofing capability too much. Look for the dead air space, which should be around and 3inches. Prices are variable, and can be $500 to $1400 for a 3 inches by 5 inches window. The sliding glass doors are expensive. Comparably priced windows are also not uncommon.

Proper installation of a soundproof window is very important. It should be airtight minus gaps. Being a second laminated window, the second window needs to mimic the existing window.


Soundproof windows are effective in providing a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. They are also energy efficient and can upgrade the environment. They can also provide marketing advantage for the property in which they are implemented. With custom colors and variable designs, soundproof windows can also suit your house or office décor to give it a superior outlook.

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