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Solo single seat concept vehicle for green cities of tomorrow

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Solo, as the name suggests, it is meant to be a one-person vehicle for the future. This eco friendly concept vehicle is meant to run on gasoline along with electric power and thus will be a new hybrid on the roads. It brings together the best from the automotive, the aeronautic and the composite materials industries.


The ‘Solo’ has a sleek aerodynamic design resembling fiberglass gliders that achieve amazing fuel efficiency (100mpg). Made from a corrosion free composite material unit comprising of glass, carbon and aramid fibers, among others, this single person transportation vehicle is durable and offers protection to its occupant, similar to that of a small conventional car. An intelligent combination of advanced crash energy management techniques, modern aircraft construction techniques and unique suspension geometry make this sleek car suitable to all kinds of roads.

Corrosion free composite materials offer longer and almost infinite shelf life, making this car sustainable. You just have to recycle it by replacing the worn out parts and the vehicle is as good as new. It allows reconfiguration to accommodate battery powered or hybrid IC/electric powered design, making it eco-friendly. The glass cover makes up for a rider’s helmet and offers high performance air conditioning in addition to good protection from rough weather.

The ‘Solo’ can be assembled in remote locations and not just in car factory units. Fully containerized kits can be transported for final assembly, to remote locations, making it easily accessible. This futuristic and ultra light Solo UCV can solve some of the most common mobility problems, green up single person transportation and reduce dependence on foreign oil.

Via: Tech Briefs

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